Racing the Land Speed 240sx at the Ohio Mile – September 2014

Posted on September 30, 2014

Jerry leaving the starting line on one of many record runs.
Jerry leaving the starting line on one of many record runs.

Results from the September 2014 ECTA Ohio Mile – 7 total runs this weekend, and 7 records to show for it, 6 of which are over 200mph!

Car ran in the same configuration as the July 2014 event. We turned the boost up to the max and found that we were pretty much already maxxing out our 67mm turbo, so in the off season we plan to increase that targeting 1100rwhp for 2015.

We did a bunch of jumping around into different engine classes on this trip. The ECTA lets you run in your engine’s primary class (F for us which is 2.0-3.0 liters), as well as allowing us to run in bigger engine classes.The thought being that there’s no reason someone with a bigger engine shouldn’t be able to take a record that was established with a smaller engine, so if a smaller engine can take the record they’ll let it.  We took every record in BGC (Blown Gas Coupe) from F to AA which is unlimited engine size.  That’s F, E, D, C, B, A, and AA. Then we jumped into F/BGALT (Blown Gas Altered Coupe) which required us to duct tape up our radiator air opening in the front bumper and we took that record as well.

Here’s a video of my 205mph pass in F/BGALT

Here are a few (of the many) pictures my wonderful wife Joy took for us at this event: products used on the 240SX

The land speed car uses the following products available from