What a blast I had this past weekend! I’ve got more pictures I’ll post up soon, and a video I need to edit together with a new angle (GoPro just a few inches off the pavement mounted up in the grill).

In the meantime, here’s all of our time slips from the weekend. 6 records in total, three of those are new records to us (all of the BFALT records), and three were in classes where I already held the record (BGC records) but I bumped them up further, between 12mph and 20mph bumps!

Huge thanks to my crew Garvin Williamson, Jared McCombs, and Joy Hoffmann, as well as to my two ‘crew chiefs’, my 8 and 10 year old daughters who were minding the checklist at the line and keeping the team in check.

Also a huge thanks to Turbonetics Turbochargers and CoolShirt Systems for their support with our racing efforts. The turbo is doing work and doing it well and Turbonetics has been great to work with. And I’ll never race without a CoolShirt again, absolutely a critical part of what we’re doing out there and is straight up awesome when I flip that switch and feel instantly relieved from the heat inside that 5 layer suit (SFI 20).