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smart coil pigtail for IGN-1A
smart coil pigtail for IGN-1A
smart coil pigtail for IGN-1A closeup

Pigtail Connector for IGN1A and GM MAF Sensors



4′ Flying lead smart coil pigtail for IGN-1A coils.  The extra length makes these easy to bundle up into a single ignition control harness without needing splices near the coil. Power and primary ground wires are 18 gauge to better handle these coils’ power requirements; all other wires are 20 gauge. Our IGN-1A pigtail uses a genuine Delphi Packard connector.

This connector fits a number of other GM sensors and modules, including most recent five pin GM MAFs and some distributorless ignition (DIS) control units. Replaces GM part number 12085497.  Check the connector shape before ordering if buying these for an alternate application.

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How do I wire this one up?

  • Yellow wire – to ECU spark output
  • Black / white wire – to ECU sensor ground
  • Black / green wire – to cylinder head
  • Solid black wire – to battery negative terminal
  • Red wire – to switched 12 volt power

Questions & Answers

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    Yes, the wiring will support all the current the coils can handle. As long as this is a four stroke engine and you are able to fire the coils sequentially, you should be fine (on a two stroke, I'd worry that there isn't enough dwell time and you may be better off with a CDI).