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MegaSquirt-II Programmable EFI System PCB3.0 - Kit
MegaSquirt-II Programmable EFI System PCB3.0 - Kit
MegaSquirt-II Programmable EFI System PCB3.0 - Kit
MegaSquirt-II Programmable EFI System PCB3.0 - Kit

MegaSquirt-II Programmable EFI System PCB3.0 – Kit

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Add the optional Q16 high current coil driver

Bosch BIP373 Coil Driver Mod Kit – optional

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MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System with 3.0 main board – Unassembled Kit with Black Case; Part # MS230-K

Important Note: The BIP373 coil driver is sold separately and is only required for direct coil control. If you are using coils with internal or external ignition modules, you do not need any BIP373 drivers.

The MS230-K kit includes everything you will need to build your MegaSquirt-2. The genuine B&G partial kit with PCB3.0, the Bill Of Materials, the case, pre-machined endplates and heat sink bar, even the tube of heat sink compound and a bit of jumper wire is included. All you add is tools, solder, and time! The only other thing you might need is a tuning cable if you don’t have one already. I have those available as well for a few bucks.

MS230-K Kit Bill Of Materials (BOM) Includes:

  • MS2 daughter card
  • All ‘Basic Components’
  • PWM Flyback Damping Circuit components
  • Hall Sensor/Coil(-) and VR Sensor Ignition Trigger Components
  • Current Limiting Circuit Components

That’s right, everything needed to build this to the standard configuration is included.

The ECU will support up to six spark output channels.

Legend for Kit Labels

The MegaSquirt 2 Standalone EMS is truly a dream ECU computer for the DIYer. This latest rendition can control fuel, ignition, stepper motor IAC, and more for your turbo, supercharged, or naturally aspirated engine. More information about MegaSquirt-II can be found here.

MegaSquirt II includes all of the features and benefits of the original

  • Onboard MAP sensor for NA or boosted engines up to 21psi!
  • Speed density or Alpha-N.
  • Use any injector – High or Low impedance.
  • Compatible with output from narrowband sensors and wideband O2 systems.
  • Log data on your laptop for later analysis.
  • Tuning software is free for download and regularly updated with new features.
  • Source code and hardware information is available online allowing you to customize things beyond the massive feature set already available if you choose.
  • Includes proper female DB37 connector and shell for your wiring harness.

Additional Features with MegaSquirt-II

  • 24 MHz HCS12 processor
  • Fuel control to 1 µsec (100 times more resolution than MegaSquirt-I),
  • Ignition control (full spark timing advance control, dwell control, etc) for one coil/distributor (7 pin HEI for example) and Ford’s EDIS systems,
  • On-board stepper motor driver for IAC stepper control (this requires a few jumpers, included in the kit, to be added on the MegaSquirt PCB to connect the socket jumpers to the DB37 connector),
  • Ford PWM idle valve firmware support,
  • Built-in rev limiter, either ‘fuel cut’ or ‘spark retard’,
  • All tables are now 12×12 in size,
  • WBO2 AFR target table (in AFR units),
  • Independent dual-tables for VE and AFR target,
  • EGO feedback in wide-band mode is proportional to the difference between the measured AFR and the target AFR, the bigger the difference, the bigger the feedback step,
  • Spark advance table can have different rpm and kpa bins than VE and AFR tables,
  • 115,200 baud serial interface with MegaTune2.25+,
  • CANbus networking
  • Barometric correction amount and direction configurable in software, and provisions for:
    • barometric correction based on initial MAP reading,
    • independent 2nd barometric MAP sensor for continuous real-time baro correction, or
    • no baro correction.
  • TPS values for open loop and flood clear mode are user configurable,
  • MAP based open loop can be set as well as TPS,
  • Both TPS and MAP based accel enrichment is built into the code, you can configure the ratio of each,
  • Blended Alpha-N and speed density is an option,
  • 2 spare I/O lines for custom controls. (This is in addition to 4 lines for Idle stepper control if you don’t need this, or the Fast idle solenoid then becomes a spare if you do use a stepper motor.)

DIYAutoTune Kits and Completed Units also Feature:

  • Extruded Aluminum case with CNC machined flanged ends for easy mounting and a perfect fit!
  • The crystal and all nuts are glued in place to reduce sensitivity to vibrations. (Completed units)

Available Source code means Endless Development.

As with the original MegaSquirt EFI system the MegaSquirt 2 is an open project allowing anyone to customize the hardware and code to meet different needs.  This firmware’s feature set has grown hugely and continues to be refined.  If there’s a feature you’re after, chances are MS2/Extra can do it!

As with all unassembled kits, the quality is second to none. Everything is meticulously organized and labeled to help make your ECU assembly go as smoothly as possible. For example, each of the above bags contains a certain type of part, one with all of the resistors, one with diodes, one with capacitors, etc. Inside each of these bags the parts are further broken down and labeled in their own individual baggies as pictured below. We even go so far as to put the components in numeric order to make finding them easier. We’ve really tried to think of everything.


Here’s a shot of a complete, assembled unit. This shows the silver case, but the board is the same.

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12 reviews
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12 reviews for MegaSquirt-II Programmable EFI System PCB3.0 – Kit

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    What inputs and outputs are provided with this kit?

    • It includes the circuitry needed to connect to the following sensors and outputs:
      • Coolant temperature
      • Intake air temperature
      • 2.5 bar MAP sensor (onboard)
      • Oxygen sensor – narrow band or wideband with external controller
      • Throttle position sensor
      • On/off fast idle valve
      • Stepper fast idle valve
      • 2 injector output channels
      • Tach input – Hall effect, optical, or VR sensors supported
      • Single direct coil control spark output

    I’ve seen a mention of an MS2 Daughter Card. Do I need to order that separately?

    • No. The MS2 daughter card is included as part of this kit.

    Does this kit include a MAP sensor?

    • Yes, there is a 2.5 bar MAP sensor included. It is a small UFO-like item in a static resistant bag and will not look like a conventional GM MAP sensor.

    What firmware does it have?

    • The daughter card ships without firmware. You will load firmware during assembly.

    Questions & Answers

    1. 0 votes

      The Series 3 was in production for over a decade and they used a lot of different factory electronics during its production run. Please contact our technical support team with details of what trigger wheels are currently on the engine and what coils you wish to run. We'll be glad to help you pick out the right parts for your specific build.

    2. 0 votes

      The MicroSquirt ties in over CAN bus and so the MS2 or MS3 and MicroSquirt can be tuned with the same laptop at the same time and share data.  Please contact our tech support team for us to draw up a detailed quote.

    3. 0 votes

      We'll need to go over this project in more detail. Please contact our tech support team for a recommendation specifically for your project.

    4. 0 votes

      Please see the MS2/Extra V3.0 hardware manual for current assembly directions.

      Volvo used several different ignitions on these cars. If you have an LH2.2 ignition, see our Volvo MegaSquirt installation guide. If you have a later crank triggered one, see the notes on missing tooth crank wheels in the hardware manual above.

      If you have any questions, please contact our technical support team.

    5. 0 votes

      The MS2 and MS3 will have similar ignition capabilities on a four cylinder for this particular application. However, the MS3 will make it easier later to add sequential injection, as well as advanced power management and boost control features if you go turbo later. If you're on a tight budget but will want MS3 features later, you can start with an MS3 kit without the MS3X, and add the MS3X later.

    6. 0 votes

      Yes - see this article for our recommendations for engines running a GM TBI ECU. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help drawing up a full list of recommended parts.

    7. 0 votes
    8. 0 votes

      As long as the injectors are EFI type (not Bosch CIS, K-jetronic, or other mechanical injection), they should work fine.

      The MS2 supports many common European ignition systems. If you can send us details of what crank trigger or distributor trigger pattern this is using, we can check if this is compatible. Worst case is, you may need to add a 36-1 or 60-2 crank trigger.

    9. 0 votes

      It can run this engine with the right build options. It is easier to run the distributor equipped 5 cylinder variants, but it is also possible to build an MS2 for 5 coil on plug outputs.

    10. 0 votes

      The MS2 can run this engine in a bank to bank fashion; you'll need to modify it for four spark outputs and for PWM IAC output, and possibly other features as well.

    11. 0 votes

      It can, although it is likely to need some extra mods. Please see the MS2/Extra V3.0 hardware manual for details.

    12. 0 votes

      It will with the appropriate mods. See this link for more details.

      How to install MegaSquirt on a 1990-1997 Miata

      Another option would be a DIYPNP. The kit costs more, but once completed, it will plug into your factory wiring harness on this particular car. Assembly time for a DIYPNP is approximately half the time needed to build a V3.0, as well.

    13. 0 votes

      It can run this motor in batch fire as long as you either retain the stock ECU for the drive by wire or swap to a cable operated throttle. You will need mod kits for the ignition as it only includes one coil driver.

    14. 0 votes
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    16. 0 votes

      The DIYPNP makes a lot of optional circuits standard (boost control, knock control, a number of relay outputs, and more) and the assembly time is typically about half what it takes to build a V3.0. It is also much easier to set up a DIYPNP for sequential injection than a V3.0.

    17. 0 votes

      There are several ways to modify it for distributorless ignition. If we do not have a model specific installation writeup for the particular engine you plan to use this on, have a look at section 5.3 of the MS2/Extra V3.0 hardware manual for ignition output mod options.