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MS3Pro Ultimate Standalone Engine Management System w/ Harness
MS3Pro Ultimate Standalone Engine Management System w/ Harness
MS3Pro ULTIMATE ECU with Universal Wire Harness

MS3Pro Ultimate Standalone Engine Management System w/ Harness

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Includes complete Universal 8′ Flying Lead Harness

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Experience the MS3Pro ULTIMATE by AMP EFI, featured in Street Outlaws No Prep Kings contestant, The Hulk.

Developed from the MS3Pro 1st Gen platform, the MS3Pro ULTIMATE brings NEXT LEVEL capability to MS3Pro’s staggering feature set beginning with a new high quality aluminum IP65 rated, water resistant enclosure.  MS3Pro ULTIMATE provides 10 programmable peak and hold injector channels for driving any saturated or peak and hold injectors as well as loads of additional I/O eliminating the need for any other controllers, saving you unneeded complexity and weight.  MS3Pro ULTIMATE by AMP EFI comes out of the box ready for naturally aspirated and boosted applications with on-board 4-bar MAP and barometric pressure sensors.  MS3Pro ULTIMATE was designed to handle your high power engine combo without breaking a sweat!

No need for a separate data acquisition system, the MS3Pro ULTIMATE will log up to 64 channels, conservatively, at 200hz. The advanced TunerStudio software provides an intuitive, straight-forward tuning experience for pros and enthusiasts alike with best in class self-learning, self-tuning fuel table strategies to assist you.

The MS3Pro ULTIMATE is ready to support a wide variety of engines out of the box, with the ability to control anything with up to 10 cylinders with sequential fuel injection, or a four rotor Wankel with separate leading and trailing ignition outputs. Over 50 different ignition modes are supported, from mainstream applications like the GM LS Engines (24x and 58x), Ford Coyote (including VVT), Bosch Motronic, and Chrysler Gen III Hemis!

Experience for yourself why more and more racers and performance enthusiasts are recognizing and choosing MS3Pro ULTIMATE by AMP EFI over the competition.

MS3Pro ULTIMATE Configurable Inputs/ Outputs:

  • 10 channel 4:1 or 8:2 programmable peak and hold injector outputs
  • 8 logic level ignition outputs
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 5 digital input/ output
  • 5 PWM outputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • 12 analog inputs plus built-in MAP, Baro, and internal ECU temp sensor
  • 3 high current digital/pwm outputs
  • 3 digital frequency inputs
  • 4 variable reluctor conditioned inputs

MS3Pro ULTIMATE Features:

  • VE based tuning
    • No Static PW fuel tables with stacks and stacks of ‘correction tables’ required.
    • Very simple/logical approach to calibration minimizes tuning time required!
  • Speed Density, Alpha-N, MAF based tuning & blended algorithms
    • ITB Mode – blends SD and Alpha-N for excellent drivability with naturally aspirated, multiple throttle applications!
    • Custom blended strategies supported, mix/blend strategies to suit any engine
    • Fuel and spark advance algorithms can be set set independently
  • Up to 12 sequential saturated fuel injector outputs
  • Up to 12 cylinder sequential support
  • Any unused injector outputs can be used as high current digital or PWM outputs
  • Up to 8 sequential logic level ignition outputs
    • Supports single or dual coil distributor, wasted spark, and coil per plug
  • 2D or 3D Table Views
  • The tuner can toggle between 2D or 3D table views with a single click
  • Individual cylinder fuel & spark trim tables
    • Per-cylinder, table based corrections for both ignition timing and fueling needs on a cylinder by cylinder basis. Correct for manifold airflow differences and fine tune each cylinder to perfection!
    • O2 sensors can be assigned per cylinder, allowing for perfect tuning and closed loop correction on a per cylinder basis
  • Table Switching
    • 2 sets of user configurable tables for fuel, spark advance, and boost tables
    • Dual Fuel Support
    • Beyond table switching, adds control of 2nd fuel system (pump and injectors), and adds 2nd settings for injector characterization; fuel stoichiometric point; priming, warmup, cranking, and afterstart settings; alternate acceleration enrichment tables; boost tables; and overboost protection settings.
  • VVT Control (4 channels)
    • Open loop VVT control for 2-position camshafts
    • Closed loop control for fully variable camshafts
    • Controls up to 4 total VVT camshafts
  • Generic Wheel Decoder allows for support of nearly any standard trigger/aftermarket trigger pattern. 60-2, 36-1, 8-1, 4-1, pretty much anything!
  • Supports 50+ specialty OEM and aftermarket ignition systems using factory cam/crank wheels and sensors.
    • GM LS 24x
    • GM LS 58x
    • GM 7x
    • Toyota/Lexus 2JZ VVTi
    • Ford EDIS
    • Ford Zetec VCT
    • Chrysler 420A/Neon
    • Chrysler New Hemi 36-2+2
    • Dodge Viper V10
    • Subaru 6/7
    • Subaru 36-2-2-2
    • Mitusbishi 6G72
    • Mitsubishi 4G63
    • GM OptiSpark
    • Nissan SR20
    • Nissan RB25
    • Nissan VQ35DE
    • Nissan QR25DE
    • Yamaha YZF1000
    • Honda TSX/D17
    • Honda KA24A2
    • Honda RC51/S2000
    • Mazda Miata NA
    • Mazda Miata NB1 and NB2 (VVT)
    • Harley Davidson 32-2 V-Twin (uses MAP for phase detection)
    • Not a complete list — Many more supported trigger wheels
  • Support for oddfire and evenfire engines
  • Capable of controlling evenfire, oddfire, piston, rotary, and even radial engines
  • Fuel Only Mode
  • Disables ignition output features for control of fuel injection only
  • Internal SDCard high-speed data logging
    • No need for external datalogger!
    • 8GB standard memory. Easily expandable to 16GB
    • Real time clock calendar system for time and date stamped datalogs
    • Up to 28 channels at 100hz
    • No need to remove SD-Card to pull logs, pull them straight across the serial/USB cable to your laptop!
  • Traction Control – Multiple Strategies
    • Perfect Run (VSS over time)
    • Perfect Run RPM (Slew Control for classes where VSS is not allowed)
    • VSS % slip (compares front to rear or driveshaft speed)
    • Configurable Responses
      • Timing retard/cut
      • Fuel Adder
      • Nitrous Cut
      • Boost Reduction
  • E85 flex fuel sensor input
    • Extremely configurable for excellent performance and drivability regardless of fuel gasoline versus ethanol content.
    • Compatible with easy to find GM flex fuel sensor
    • Configurable flex blend curve allows blending of fuel tables, spark advance tables, afr target tables, alternate start and warmup settings, boost and overboost tables, and acceleration enrichment settings based on the exact concentration of ethanol in fuel
  • Compatible with YOUR wideband O2 controller.
    • You choose the wideband controller you want without being locked down. From cost effective to full lab grade capability.
  • Long Term Fuel Trim
  • OE Style automatic fuel trim to allow for changes in engine over time
  • High Power Time Enrichment
  • Allows for richer mixture after extended time in high power
  • Helps control cylinder and piston temperatures
  • Fully user configurable
  • Multiple Acceleration Enrichment Strategies
    • Basic time based and accel pump style AE
    • Advanced wall wetting model based (X-Tau and EAE) acceleration enrichment options
  • Staged Injection Control
  • Seamless transition to 2nd stage injectors for high power applications
  • Multiple user configurable strategies
  • Nitrous control strategies
    • 2 channels of configurable staged or progressive control
    • Supports wet or dry nitrous systems
    • Add fuel, pull timing, etc.
  • Three-step rev limiter with flat shift
    • Burnout Limiter
    • Launch Limiter
    • Redline Limiter
    • Line lock output
    • Flat Shift allows for No-Lift Shifting (holds RPM between shifts)
  • Trans Brake and Bump Box Control
  • No need for a separate box!
  • User configurable settings and reactions
  • Advanced Launch Control strategies
  • Digital switch based arming
  • Wheel speed based launch arming for rolling starts
  • Configurable timing retard after launch
  • Pit Lane Limiter
  • Speed limiter for pit lane, reduces engine power by spark retard/cut or fuel cut
  • Can limit based on VSS or RPM if no VSS input is available
  • Rally style turbo anti-lag with rotational idle
  • Allows cyclic fuel and spark cut
  • Controls idle valve and configurable outputs for external fuel or air supply
  • Boost Control – Multiple open & closed loop strategies
    • Table based open loop (DC solenoid control)
    • Table based closed loop (Target specific boost pressures by load/rpm)
    • Switchable boost tables for high/low boost options at the flip of a switch
    • Boost by Gear
    • Boost by Speed
  • Sequential shift spark cut
  • Configurable spark and fuel cut during shift
  • Solenoid output control for air shifter/drag application
  • Automatic shift point mode
  • Configurable per gear delay
  • Idle Control – Multiple open & closed loop strategies
    • Simple On/Off Idle Valve
    • PWM 2 or 3 wire valves
    • Stepper Motor 4 or 6 wire valves
  • Water and Methanol Injection
    • Configurable to use a variety of water/meth pumps
    • Table based injection allows for variable water/meth injection based on load and rpm
    • Low fluid level detection safety measures
  • Fuel Pump Control
    • “On/off” control of single or multiple stage pumps
    • PWM control of OE variable speed/pressure pumps
  • Intelligent Knock Detection and Response – 2 channels
    • Dual DSP based knock inputs with bandpass filters and dynamically adjustable gain
    • Noise threshold based
    • Windowed monitoring allows for detection of which cylinder knock occurred on
    • Adjustable ignition retard (course and fine responses)
    • Knock correction per cylinder (sequential ignition must be enabled)
  • Multiple Engine Protection and fault mode strategies
    • Check Engine Light activation (solid and flash codes supported)
    • Low Oil Pressure Warning System (illuminates CEL)
    • Limp Home Mode
    • 5 LED indicators for visual diagnostics
      • 12V main power
      • 5V ref 1
      • 5V ref 2
      • VCC (internal processor power)
      • MIL (check engine light or can be re-purposed as a general output)
    • Set low/high limits for all major sensors and activate engine limp mode or shut down responses
      • Water/Meth Injection Low fluid Level
      • IAT
      • CLT
      • TPS
      • MAP
      • Battery Voltage
      • Wideband O2 / AFR Safety
      • Sync Loss
      • EGT
      • Flex Fuel
      • Intelligent Knock Detection and Correction (see relevant topic above for more info)
  • Keep Alive Memory (KAM)
  • Generous spare I/O for any standard/custom I/O needs
    • Configurable On/Off (digital) and PWM outputs
    • Control any relay controlled device or solenoid
    • Fan Control (multiple)
    • Intercooler cooling spray (CO2/etc)
    • Torque Converter (TCC) Lockup
    • Auxiliary Fuel Pump
    • Multipurpose/Generic Closed Loop Control Outputs
  • Spare analog inputs for external sensors
  • Supports standard automotive temperature or pressure sensors
  • Air Conditioner Control with feed-forward Idle-Up
  • Proactively increases idle vale duty cycle (PWM valves) or number of steps (stepper valves) before activating A/C compressor
  • Automatic compressor shutoff at programmable throttle position or RPM thresholds
  • Automatic cooling fan activation with A/C, user configurable
  • Cooling Fan Control
  • Programmable fan on and off activation points
  • Can be configured to run fan with engine running only, or when engine is running and not running
  • Feed-forward idle up for use with large, high demand fans
  • Configurable fan deactivation based on TPS or VSS
  • Alternator Field Control/Voltage Regulation
  • Multiple open and closed loop strategies
  • Configurable voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Separate target voltages for afterstart, normal operation, over run, and WOT
  • Warning lamp output if voltage is above or below target
  • Comprehensive Test Modes
  • Test all outputs for proper functionality and verify wiring before starting the engine
  • Controls all fuel injector outputs, ignition outputs, idle valve, and general purpose outputs
  • Outputs can be tested for on & off or PWM pulse functionality
  • Injector and spark disable mode, allows checking for suspected problematic cylinder by electronically preventing combustion event
  • CAN Support for I/O expansion – virtually limitless I/O capability!
    • Up to 16 EGT inputs via CAN Expansion
      • Add fuel/engine shutdown capable
  • CAN Support for 3rd party dash devices
    • Currently offers support for RacePak, AIM, Race Technology, Traqmate, and Race Capture.
    • Pre-defined “simple” as well as fully configurable CAN broadcasting modes
    • Standard 11-bit message headers
    • Allows for simple integration with any 3rd party devices
  • Android Compatible
    • Use your Android phone or tablet as your dashboard or datalogger
    • Allows accelerometer and GPS data overlaid on your datalogs
      • Requires Android device and serial to bluetooth adapter, not included
  • Self Calibration
    • VEAnalyze Live feature is capable of automatically tuning fuel (VE) tables in real time
  • Fully Enabled
    • MS3Pro ULTIMATE comes fully loaded and fully enabled, there are no additional features to “unlock” or hidden up-charges to gain access to any functionality.
  • Compact, Efficient & Robust Design
    • Small form factor, approx. 7″ x 4″ x 2″, only weighs about a half a pound!
    • Circuitry optimized for efficiency, low power usage, and no generation of heat
  • Redundant signal ground wiring
  • Dual external 5V ref supplies, individually fused
  • No Dark Current!
    • No power draw when system is off. MS3Pro ULTIMATE will not discharge your expensive race battery when your vehicle is in storage.
  • Field Upgradeable Firmware – enable newly added features with a simple firmware update!
    • Firmware is constantly under development and updates are easy to load via simple software interface.

EPA, CARB & Emissions Disclaimer- All ECU's are for race purposes only. It's your responsibility to remain in compliance with all federal, state, provincial, or other laws that apply to you.

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8 reviews for MS3Pro Ultimate Standalone Engine Management System w/ Harness

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Compare MS3Pro Models by I/O & Features

What is in the box?

  • MS3Pro ULTIMATE Standalone EFI Controller
  • 8′ “Flying Lead” wiring harness (3 strands)
  • USB and serial communications cables
  • Includes TunerStudio registration code
  • USB drive (for software/documentation)
  • MS3Pro ULTIMATE Pinout Glossy Card

How big is the ECU?

  • The MS3-Pro measures approximately 8.5″ long (including the mounting ears), 4-5/8″ wide, and 2.5″ tall including the mating connectors. Not including the connectors, the case itself is 1.5″ high.

Where is this product manufactured?

  • This product is manufactured in Gainesville, Georgia, USA.

What is the warranty on the MS3Pro ULTIMATE?

  • It carries a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

How watertight is the box?

  • The case uses an o-ring seal and sealed connectors to ensure it is completely splashproof, and will keep water out if completely immersed up to a few inches for a few  minutes (which normally shouldn’t happen, right?).  If you need further water submersion resistance that can be accomplished with a small bead of silicone just inside/outside of the o-ring.

Can I run big low impedance fuel injectors with Ultimate?

Questions & Answers

    Would you recommend the MS3pro Ultimate for a turbo 5.3 LS (L20 block as a starting point) built internals, backed by a th400 and NP203 transfer case? This will be a hardcore mud truck, 1977 K5 Blazer.
  1. 0 votes
    Q Would you recommend the MS3pro Ultimate for a turbo 5.3 LS (L20 block as a starting point) built ...... Read more
    Asked by Seth

    It depends on your fuel and target power levels. If you need more than 200 lb/hr injectors, or might depending on future plans, the MS3Pro Ultimate is a great choice. An MS3Pro EVO would work if your fueling needs do not require low impedance injectors and if you do not need an unusually large number of inputs and outputs. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support team, and one of our experts can review your build in more detail.

  2. What else do I need to purchase in order to use the ms3ultimate on a 347 ford twin turbo street car. Going into a 67 mustang pro touring car with c6.
  3. 0 votes
    Q What else do I need to purchase in order to use the ms3ultimate on a 347 ford twin turbo street c...... Read more
    Asked by David Robertsh+

    This package is most of what you'd need as long as you have a suitable ignition system. You will also need air and coolant temperature sensors, and a wideband O2 sensor package (or two). Adding our boost control solenoid will allow the ECU to control boost. Contact our tech support department if you want to review this in more detail.

  4. 5.7 hemi pre eagle in a mopar a body what do you recommend?
  5. 0 votes
    Q 5.7 hemi pre eagle in a mopar a body what do you recommend?
    Asked by Lee Miniaci

    The MS3Pro Ultimate with 8' harness will work great here. You'll want a pair of our QuadSpark ignition modules if using stock Chrysler coils, a wideband O2 sensor setup like an Innovate LC-2, and a cable operated throttle body. Contact us if you have any questions.

  6. For the ms3pro ultimate can you monitor readings on your phone or tablet thru Bluetooth or can you only get data thru a laptop?
  7. 0 votes
    Q For the ms3pro ultimate can you monitor readings on your phone or tablet thru Bluetooth or can yo...... Read more
    Asked by Joe

    There are several smartphone / tablet display apps available - see this link for details.

  8. 420a eclipse full engine management solution please?
  9. 0 votes
    Q 420a eclipse full engine management solution please?
    Asked by El

    This is a universal system but will have no trouble running a 420A. It will control fuel, ignition, even the alternator. If using the stock 420A coil pack, you will need our QuadSpark ignition module.

  10. Would you recommend this over the ms3 with expansion board for a 4.6l 2v turbo engine swap. It's only a few hundred more just want to know if ya worth it
  11. 0 votes
    Q Would you recommend this over the ms3 with expansion board for a 4.6l 2v turbo engine swap. It's ...... Read more
    Asked by Keith robson

    It depends on the overall plans for the build. If you're going to be running 200 lb/hr or larger injectors, or need a lot of data acquisition, the MS3Pro Ultimate would be a great choice. If you are going to be OK with high impedance injectors, you might want to take a smaller step up, to an MS3Pro EVO. Compared to the MS3X, the MS3Pro EVO would offer the following benefits.

    • Sealed case (splash resistant out of the box, and can be made fully immersion resistant if needed)
    • AMPSEAL connectors - sealed and vibration resistant
    • 4 extra analog inputs and 2 extra VR inputs (Useful if you want traction control.)
    • Knock control module and real time clock are made standard
    • All parts combined onto a single circuit board
    • Adaptive VR conditioners for crank / cam input - more noise resistant and no trim pots to fiddle with (very useful for Ford VR sensors)
    • New power supply reduces current consumption and stays working even if battery voltage drops as low as 6 voltstypes
    • Changes to power and grounding for improved electrical resistance
    • Registered version of TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer included
    • Phone support available (original MS3 support is email-only)

    The MS3Pro Ultimate would add a few more features:

    • Peak and hold injector drivers - designed to support Billet Atomizer and Moran Motorsports injectors
    • One more analog input
    • Four extra on/off or PWM outputs
    • Seven more switched inputs
    • Extra VREF and sensor ground wires
  12. looking at an 05 jeep wrangler with a bad ecm. id like to install an m90 roots blower on it do u have a harness/ecm that will plug-n-play or a suggestion on which kit will work with a custom harness
  13. 0 votes
    Q looking at an 05 jeep wrangler with a bad ecm. id like to install an m90 roots blower on it do u ...... Read more
    Asked by Eric Muhlbeier

    The MS3Pro Ultimate can definitely run this engine, although you'll need QuadSpark modules to run Chrysler coils. We do not have a plug and play option for this, however, so you'll need to start with the MS3Pro Ultimate / 8' wiring harness package.

  14. What will I need to do to run a BMW M52 with this ECU?
  15. 1 vote
    Q What will I need to do to run a BMW M52 with this ECU?
    Asked by Seth

    Here are the main factors to keep in mind if running an MS3Pro Ultimate on an M52 engine.

    • The stock coils will require a pair of QuadSpark ignition modules.
    • The cam sensor is a bit of an oddity. We recommend swapping it to the VR type sensor used on '95 and earlier M50 motors.
    • We recommend adding a wideband O2 sensor if you are tuning it yourself.

    Beyond that, this is a straightforward install that can use most of the stock engine electronics.

  16. does the ultimate control drive by wire?
  17. 0 votes
    Q does the ultimate control drive by wire?
    Asked by christopher wood

    Not currently; we are researching offering an add-on module that will work over CAN bus. You'll see a stub in the code for future support of this module, but right now we do not have a confirmed date for when or if this will be ready.

  18. I have a Porsche 944 turbo or 951 larger turbo, cam lot of performance parts. Has chips and the factory Motronic ecu. What would be the best unit and how hard to wire and configure for my car.
  19. 0 votes
    Q I have a Porsche 944 turbo or 951 larger turbo, cam lot of performance parts. Has chips and the f...... Read more
    Asked by Jim Roberts
    A I'm currently setting mine up for this system and to remove the piggy-back that is currently in place.. I have an 86' 951 that is heavily modded and the piggy-back was unable to get a solid tune with it. I sourced a bad DME (35 pin) and have broke it down to set-up a "pnp" for it. I purchased the MS3 Pro Ultimate and it's a simple setup. Also the wiring/ install will obviously depend upon your skill/ background (my background is building Streetrods/Muscle/German/Italian cars in addition to performing intricate mods to semis as needed). Just to be stated not affiliated with the manufacturer of this product. Just trying to help a fellow 951 owner and car enthusiast.
  20. I am planning on running a 99 323is(OBD2) with a OBD1 M50NV engine. Will this work/easy to plug/wire?
  21. 0 votes
    Q I am planning on running a 99 323is(OBD2) with a OBD1 M50NV engine. Will this work/easy to plug/w...... Read more
    Asked by carter

    The easiest way to wire this up would probably be to use our 88 pin breakout board. The stock coils will require a pair of QuadSpark ignition modules.

  22. I have EFI turbo kit, with dual 48 throttle bodies. Engine is a 1915 VW. What can I save from this kit, and what would I use from your kits?
  23. 0 votes
    Q I have EFI turbo kit, with dual 48 throttle bodies. Engine is a 1915 VW. What can I save from thi...... Read more
    Asked by Bill Bleeker

    It is very likely you can use everything in the current system except the ECU and wiring harness - you'd just need to order the MS3Pro Ultimate package with 8' harness. If you can email us a list of what's in the existing kit, I can confirm if they'll work with our system or if there's room for upgrading.

  24. Do you have plug and play option for GM performance zz 383 combined with a GM 4L80E gearbox?
  25. 0 votes
    Q Do you have plug and play option for GM performance zz 383 combined with a GM 4L80E gearbox?
    Asked by Per Magnus Hegglund

    We currently offer a drop on harness for the 4L80E but not for this specific engine. You could splice our standard MS3Pro harness into the GM wiring - this should be pretty straightforward.

  26. Do you make PnP for audi A4 B5 with 1.8t 20V Turbo, engine code AEB?
  27. 0 votes
    Q Do you make PnP for audi A4 B5 with 1.8t 20V Turbo, engine code AEB?
    Asked by Thomas Johnsen

    Thank you for asking. We currently do not have a plug and play option for this car, but these engines are fairly straightforward to run with one of our wire in MS3Pro ECUs as long as you are using a cable operated throttle body.

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