Modernizing with a PNP DD-EFI Digital Dash for your Megasquirt ECU

In most cases people decide to upgrade to a Megasquirt, MSPNP, or MS3Pro ECU due to either exceeding the capabilities or needing additional features that the stock system could not. The dash has the same issues, with all those inaccurate or broken stock clusters, to aftermarket gauges across the dash, center console or up the a-pillar. With the installation of a Plug n Play DD-EFI Digital-Dash, it directly communicates with ANY of the Megasquirt or MicroSquirt Series of ECU’s by simply plugging the tuning cable into the DD-EFI dashboard. As a result you gain the ability to greatly expand your I/O capabilities with the DD-EFI dash’s internal CAN Module. This gives a full range of every input and output connected to the ECU and the Dash Display, where the display can give the information as needed.

94-04 Mustang Digital dash Screenshot

How it works

Utilizing TunerStudio as the built-in software gives a fully integrated tuning interface (you can tune RIGHT FROM YOUR DASH), automatic start/stop datalogging, and highly customizable dashboard layouts with any gauges or indicators you’d like! Since your TunerStudio Registration allows up to 3 devices to be used at the same time, the same registration that came with the AMP EFI ECU will work with the dash as well.

One question that comes up often is “How much onboard data storage is available for datalogging?”. LOTS! With 20GB of storage available there are no issues if you want to datalog everything all the time. 20GB of storage gives months of datalog storage.

Another major benefit to a Digital-Dash is no longer neeeding a laptop in the car during a track outing. The convenience of having full-tuning software in dash now means tuning can be done on the fly with no laptop needed. For major changes you may still prefer to use a larger screen like on a laptop, but you’ll have options, and options are good. Another cool feature that is supported is remote connectivity, allowing screen mirroring to a remote device as well as to the dash display.

DD-EFI Custom Digital Dashboards

Designed for You

DD-EFI offers both plug-n-play (PNP), and universal designs. Designed for simple and direct vehicle installations the PNP models work exceptionally well with the AMP EFI MSPNP Pro (MS3Pro PNP) line. The Universal Kit has been specifically designed for the DIY individual who wants to install it their own way.

At the core are all the pre-configured dashboards that come out of-the-box with all your standard gauges including indicators for (turn signals, high beam, fuel level,). We have designs like the new S650 Mustang, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Autometer style, and many more. You may modify these dashboards to meet your needs or start with a new blank slate and design your own. We really enjoy designing new dashboards and this is one of our favorite features of the software.

DD-EFI Grand National Digital Dash Front Cluster

Step up to Pro.

It seemed to us that using LCD turn signals instead of LEDs as LEDs sometimes just did not match the theme for the onscreen dashboard, and we wanted to fix that. The issue of fuel level and the wiring needed to make it work can be frustrating for the novice installer as well. Doing this with some dashs would require using up inputs on your MegaSquirt ECU that you might rather utilize for critical sensor data that you’d like to log. For this reason, we designed our Pro Dash Series to bring in other sensors and indicators that may not always have to go into your ECU, such as oil pressure, fuel level, turn signals, high beams, etc. The Pro Dash Series comes with an Internal I/O Module sporting 7 Digital Inputs (pre-conditioned for 12V inputs), 5 Analog/Sensor Inputs, Dedicated Fuel Level Input, 2 PWM Outputs and 2 Speed Sensor Inputs. No additional components or hardware needed to get this to work, we supply all the wiring pigtails and installation instructions to make this a straightforward process.

The Pro Dash Series works with any Megasquirt MS1, MS2, and MS3 based ECU. Some common examples of sensor inputs that customers have added are Oil Temperature, Fuel Pressure/Temperature, Ambient Air Temperature, ABS Indicator, Fan ON/OFF, Shaft speed, Vehicle speed etc. A concern with installing any Digital Dash was being able to display vehicle speed, so we provide two options. All our dashes come with on-board GPS; the Pro Dash Series has two Speed Sensor Inputs available. You can choose between either mph or km/h if you are international, like many customers are. This same reading is also used for your Odometer and Trip Meter.

DD-EFI Digital Dash Drag Foxbody

Installation made EASY.

Now to make this all come together into a simple package, all DD-EFI Dash’s come drop-in ready. This is not a kit of parts that you must assemble yourself or need to purchase multiple components to make it work. You get to choose from three main options, which include using our PNP models that are designed specifically for that vehicle (Mustangs, Miata’s, Grand Nationals and many more to come!), or you can have a custom bezel 3D modeled and printed, we also offer our Universal Bezel option that is designed to be trimmed to fit most applications.  All of this is done in-house, we do not work with outside vendors for plastics that you have to install your hardware into, everything is already done for you.

Our product is installed in many types of “rowdy” vehicles from drag racing, to road course/auto-x/24-hr lemons, to drifting, and everything in-between. We want you to enjoy driving your car with confidence.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Wiring in a project car is a love-hate kind of thing for most people, it is a process most do not enjoy. We have you covered with an extremely simple installation process to get your dash going, just three wires. The dash needs to have 12V Battery Power, Ground and 12V Ignition and/or Switched Power to function. We include an optional trigger wire to tie into your dome light, so the system is ready by the time you are.  Connect your ECU Tuning Cable to one of the open USB Ports on the side of the dash and you are ready to go.

All Pro Series customers enjoy the benefit of having their dash already pre-configured for their project out of the box.  Once the dash is installed in your vehicle and connected to the ECU with the tuning cable and CanBus it will “just work.”  No additional setup and configuration are required by the customer since the DD-EFI Team reaches out to get all necessary vehicle details prior to shipment.

Opinions Matter

Here at DD-EFI we pride ourselves on good customer support, from easy-to-understand installation instructions to direct support with remote access capabilities. We stand behind our products and commitment to our customers.  We want to hear from you the good, the bad, the ugly. Your feedback matters, it helps us provide features that you care about. 

Customers enjoy being able being able to show off their installations, so join us on our Facebook Group.  For more information on our Digital Dash’s, you can visit our website at or email us at [email protected]

All DD-EFI products are designed and assembled in the USA!