DIYAutoTune/AMPEFI Family,

We are thrilled to step into the role of DIYAutoTune/AMPEFI’s new owners, and this excitement is heightened by the immense honor of now overseeing the company founded by Jerry Hoffmann. We are grateful for this incredible opportunity to carry forth his legacy.  Jerry’s unwavering dedication over 19 years has laid a remarkable foundation, and we are steadfast in our commitment to building upon it, driving American-Made Engine Management “AMPEFI” into a future full of promise.

Allow us to formally introduce ourselves: Kurtis Warne as CEO, Steven VanOrder as COO, and Scott Keiser as CFO, all proudly representing EFI Innovations Inc., also known as Digital Dash EFI “DD-EFI” and Black Fox EFI. At EFI Innovations, we place an unwavering emphasis on delivering an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. During the recent acquisition, we were thrilled to welcome Scott Keiser as a new partner, bringing with him decades of industry experience, spanning from speed shop operations to fabricating facilities, and a deep involvement in drifting. Together, we collectively offer a wealth of invaluable experience within the racing industry.

Scott Jerry Kurtis Steven
Left to right, Scott Keiser, Jerry Hoffmann, Kurtis Warne, Steven VanOrder

EFI Innovations eagerly anticipates collaborating with our exceptional existing team. Rest assured, our ‘dream team’ remains intact, and the prospect of amalgamating our collective expertise and dedication is both invigorating and promising. Our goal is to leverage our strengths and propel DIYAutoTune/AMPEFI toward an even more prosperous future, building upon the foundation of excellence set before us.

To our cherished customers, dedicated dealers, and esteemed vendors, we extend our deepest appreciation for being the cornerstone of our success. We are committed to exploring innovative solutions and maintaining uncompromising quality standards, all in the pursuit of enhancing customer satisfaction. Continuously improving the customer experience with our products and services is our priority. We highly value our ongoing collaboration and partnership with you, and we eagerly look forward to the years of fruitful collaboration ahead.

Our resolve remains unwavering in keeping all operations based here in the USA, aligning with our steadfast belief in American-Made Engine Management. Gainesville, GA will continue to be the beating heart of our operations, and we are dedicated to upholding the values and traditions that define this vibrant community.

With enthusiasm and gratitude,

Kurtis Warne, CEO, DIYAutoTune/AMPEFI

Steven VanOrder, COO, DIYAutoTune/AMPEFI

Scott Keiser, CFO, DIYAutoTune/AMPEFI

EFI Innovations Inc.