Speed Week 2012 at Bonneville Speedway

Posted on September 12, 2012

SpeedWeek 2012 was amazing this year, with MegaSquirt EFI helping competitors getting two new records! (That we know of.)  One of which, to the best of my knowledge, also takes the record for the fastest MegaSquirt EFI powered car in the WORLD.

Lee Sicilio’s 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger takes the A/BGALT Record with an average of 273.514 mph!

New A/BGALT Record Holder and the Worlds Fastest MegaSquirt EFI controlled vehicle @ 283 mph! (exit speed)


Record with an average of 273.514 mph
Record with an average of 273.514 mph!


Lee runs a 498ci Barton Hemi with Twin 91mm Precision Turbos.  Controlling it all is our MegaSquirt-3 EMS controlling his fuel injection and ignition system sequentially.  He also runs a set of eight of our IGN-1A ignition coils, perfectly igniting that race fuel under boost for maximum power.  (Somewhere in the range of 2000whp!)

Here’s in-car video of Lee’s record qualifying pass.  When he backs the record up (the next morning) he picks up a little more speed with a bit more throttle.

A/BGALT Class = A is 500 cubic inches max engine class, BG = ‘Blown Gas’ or a gasoline engine with forced induction, in this case twin turbos.  ALT =  Altered class, which allows for minimal streamlining of a production body forward of the cowl. 

Black Opel Racing takes the E/GMS World Record on the Bonneville Salt Flats at 208.974 mph!

After 11 years of hard work the Black Opel Racing team did it, finally broke the the 202 mph record held by Gail Philips from CA.  Frank Kinney ran a averaged speed of 209 over 2 days to set a new record and earn a coveted Red Hat from the 200 MPH Club.



Black Opel Racing runs a MegaSquirt-3 EMS controlling fuel and ignition on their land speed monster.  They’re a great bunch of guys, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of their drivers who have poured years into this car get their ‘red hat’ with it.

E/GMS Class = E is 260 cubic inches max engine class, G means it’s running gasoline, MS is for Modified Sports category, meaning a 2 seater with a production run of at least 500 cars.

Another team running MegaSquirt EFI we ran into on the salt….

The ‘Spirit of Orangevale’ team — Gary Cope, Dick Bertolucci, Bob Shafer, Donnie Hicks, Rick Fairchild, Paul Hedglin, and tuner/MS EFI Installer Ed Umland


These guys are running this lakester in the F/BGL class, with a 2JZGTE Toyota Supra engine and MegaSquirt-2 EMS controlling it all.  They looked us up on the salt to consult with them a bit on a problem they were having which was quickly sorted out (dying alternator, not enough energy to light the mixture at high load).  They made a few 200+mph runs in the car this year but didn’t quite up the record, but they’ll be back!

F/BGL Class = F engine class is 183 cubic inches max, B means it ‘blown’ running some type of force induction (turbo in this case).  G means it’s running gasoline,  L means it’s a Lakester style vehicle (basically an open wheel streamliner).

For more details, pictures and info on Lee Sicilio’s record winning trip to SpeedWeek 2012 and his AWESOME ’69 Daytona Charger, check out this feature article on BangShift.com!