At DIYAutoTune, we believe in supporting local manufacturing, and when we need to outsource parts like Printed Circuit Boards, some of our wiring harnesses, or enclosures, we always keep production in the USA.

AMPEFI MSPNP and MS3Pro Engine Control Units as well as DIYAutoTune’s other MegaSquirt assembled ECUs all have final assembly at our production line in Gainesville, Georgia, where we also package our DIY solder-it-yourself kits and make some of our wiring harnesses. MicroSquirt ECUs are manufactured in Pennsylvania, though the AMP’d upgrade occurs at our facility in Gainesville, GA.

Then of course if you want an ECU that’s really made locally, as in, your own living room or kitchen table, you can always order one of our DIY EFI solder-it-yourself kits and build an Engine Control Unit right in your own workshop. With DIYAutoTune, you don’t have to choose between paying higher prices to keep jobs in America or sponsoring an international race to the bottom with no winners. Here, you can either have the assembly work done in America, or finish the assembly work wherever you may be. We’ll gladly support you either way!