AMP EFI. The Ultimate in Engine & Powertrain Control.

DIYAutoTune, US manufacturer of popular, full-featured, standalone and plug-n-play engine management systems is proud to introduce AMP EFI, a high performance engine & powertrain control systems brand focused on high I/O, high horsepower drag and road racing solutions. Their popular MS3Pro Standalone System, released in 2012, quickly tore them from their Do-it-Yourself roots as they increased support for WINNING customers from all racing disciplines due to the US-made quality, realistic price point and vast feature set. Visit

DIYAutoTune parent company, Hoffmann Innovations, Inc. CEO Jerry Hoffmann said “The success of our MS3Pro platform came with some obvious challenges, a new level of customers and expectations from what we were accustomed to. Purchasing a professional grade, race-proven system from a company with Do-it-Yourself in the name introduces some conflict. We had to completely separate our feature rich systems that are obviously a cut above from the legacy DIYAutoTune (MegaSquirt) hardcore-hobby racer systems, as well as provide a whole new level of support and documentation.” Hoffmann stressed the company’s overall commitment to complete customer satisfaction, knowledgeable support, ease of use, US manufacturing and reasonable price points as DIYAutoTune’s five fold strategy that continues with AMP EFI.

AMP EFI rolled out the NEW MS3Pro ULTIMATE Engine Management System on December 8th at the 2016 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show;  Shipping begins today!

Compare MS3Pro ULTIMATE with the 1st Gen HERE.



MS3Pro ULTIMATE is packed with all the capability of the original MS3Pro and specific drag racing features like staged/progressive nitrous control, boost control, bump box, traction control, fast internal data acquisition, engine safeties, RacePak & 3rd party dash support, alcohol/E85 compatibility, water-methanol injection, 2 step/3 step/rolling rev limiters, plus:

  • 10 channel programmable peak & hold injector outputs
  • 4 VR conditioned inputs
  • Onboard 4 bar MAP and Baro
  • KAM (Keep Alive Memory)
  • Enough I/O to run and datalog virtually anything you can dream of!


If you can believe it, there’s still more. AMP EFI’s MS3Pro ULTIMATE is available NOW with an MSRP of $1499.

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