Customer Submitted Tech Articles

Tips, tricks, and cool installations sent to us by our customers.

Think you’ll be our next DIY Stud of the Month?

Got a good idea for a cheap / easy / effective DIY way of doing things that may help others out?  Share it with us and you may be declared the all dishonorable DIY Stud of the Month!  Send in your pics with a short description of what you’ve done and the problem it solved.  Doesn’t have to be EFI/Ignition related, just keep it car related and creative.  We’ll pick from the best each month and post one up here. So email us your DIY Tips and Tricks, maybe you’re the next SOTM ;).

Note — everything you see here is customer submitted and has not been fully tested by anyone here at DIYAutoTune, use information found here at your own risk!