Where do I start?

Read.  Then read some more.  If you skip this step you will be asking questions later that you could already know the answers to. We’re always glad to help though as this is a DIY based system some of the burden does fall on the user to do their homework, the big dogs charge an extra $2000+ for their systems to do some of the homework for you.  We’ll help you with your homework for free, but you’ve got to come up with the final answer.

Start with our “Which EFI system is right for me?” link on our site here: Which EFI system is right for me?

Then read applicable sections on your ECU choice at www.msextra.com

Then read about what is known as the MS/Extra firmware.  This is a free firmware update for the MS1 and MS2 that greatly expands the featureset of the ECU, highly recommended.

MS1/Extra Features and Documentation

MS2/Extra Features and Documentation  (includes MS2/Extra for MicroSquirt/MicroSquirt Module, and DIYPNP usage)

MS3 Features and Documentation – (All MS3 ECUs use a single firmware branch, and it’s written by the ‘Extra’ developers.)


Now that you’ve read up on things start lurking around and/or asking any remaining questions on the MegaSquirt Support Forums at www.msextra.com (Extra forums, advanced topics) and www.msefi.com (basic assembly guidance and support), there is so much helpful information at these two forums that it’s insane.  The search feature is your friend.  Try searching for your vehicle or engine, ‘RX7’, or ‘Subaru’, or ‘4AGE’ and then go through the threads that are returned.  There are a ton of very helpful people on these forums that will bend over backwards to make sure your project is successful, IF they can tell you’ve ‘done your homework’ and that you’re not expecting them to do all of it for you.  Questions like, “My car has an optical crank sensor in the distributor with one hole for each cylinder, spaced evenly apart.  Will the MegaSquirt-II work with this signal?” will usually get very quick and helpful responses.  On the other hand, questions like “What do I need to MegaSquirt my 1967 ‘insert make/model here?'” generally get ignored because it’s obvious the person didn’t put much effort into helping themselves.

Another link you might find interested–  http://www.msruns.com – This site allows users like yourself to proclaim their MegaSquirt’d success to the world, often with details on exactly how they implemented the system.  It’s organized by vehicle manufacturer so it’s easy to find others with similar vehicles to your own.

If you don’t know the right questions to ask, keep reading.  You’ll get it.

You can also Contact Us and we’ll do our best to assist you.  We have FIVE full time tech support gents on the team known for their knowledge base and response times. Please see this list of questions and help us help you.  The more prepared you are and the more you know about your car and your ignition system the faster we’ll be able to get you up and running!