What do I need?

Another question that doesn’t have a quick short answer… but the quick short answer is:  An ECU (there are a few options here of course), a stimulator (95% required), and a tuning cable.  Optionally you may need a USB-Serial Converter if your laptop doesn’t have a DB9 serial port, and/or a Wideband O2 system such as the Innovate LC-1 or LM-2 (with or without a dash mount gauge) which will make tuning your Air/Fuel Ratio SO much easier and more accurate that you’ll be glad you spent the couple of bills to do it.

Click Here to see a page we put together to assist people in these decisions— It doesn’t cover all of our products but it does cover some of the more commonly requested options at a high level and provides some idea of pricing (check our catalog for exact prices of each component).  For a complete product list, to validate current pricing and/or to place an order go to http://www.diyautotune.com/catalog.

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