‘Vanilla poop with rust flakes’

See poop, see poop run, run poop run!

Sorry for that mental picture, but that’s how Jim ‘Parish’ Neuenfeldt describes the color of this Turbo 5.3l Chevy powered Fairmont.  And it only takes a glance to see why…  but I think it’s safe to say that no amount of the pink stuff is going to slow down how this car runs….

Built by Jim ‘Parish’, John Stevenson, and a handful of guys from Omaha, with the help of a whole bunch of guys donating parts and help, this rustbucket is more of a RustRocket…  taking a class win in Hot Rod’s Drag Week 2007 Daily Driver class with consistent 10.80’s.  Jim is no stranger to DragWeek– take a look at his 10 second 5000lb 4×4 truck here if you’d like, he took a class win at DragWeek the last two years in a row in that truck, this makes three….

You can read most of the details on the car in Hot Rod Magazine, there is a small spot on pg. 52 of the March ’08 edition, and a six-page spread on the car in the April ’08 HRM, but the high points are that it’s running a Vortec 5300 Chevy motor from a Suburban, a generic MP70 turbo, a bunch of ebay-special parts, and a ton of elbow-grease.  How did we get involved here at DIYAutoTune.com?  We’ve been working with  Jim for about 3 years now starting with that crazy truck I mentioned above which also runs one of our MegaSquirt EMS systems, and he came back to us for another system for the Fairmont.  He’s running a MegaSquirt-I PCBv3.0 Engine Management Systemand an Innovate Motorsports LC-1 wideband with gauge we donated to help the cause.


(courtesy of 1320Video.com)


(courtesy of 1320Video.com)

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