The 240 is almost completely stripped it down to painted metal including removal of all of that pesky sound deadening material.  They’ve got it marked up for where to burn out all of the factory seam sealer so they can come behind that and seamweld it all up, then will be getting to work on the roll cage.  Pretty sure you’ll be able to start seeing some real progress ;).

Next up – Burning out the factory seam sealer, followed by seam welding and the beginning of the roll cage.

I’ve got to determine if I can get S13 5-lug conversion hubs for the front wheels (which I know are available) in 5 x 4.5″ (Ford) pattern, with 1/2″ thick studs.  After that, I can order the 15″x4″ wheels.  Once I have those, I can take measurements and order the rear end, etc.  First things first… 1/2″ studs in the front 5-lug conversion… that’s on my to do list for today.

 Also — as of the PRI 2011 we’re now announcing a partnership with Cool Shirt to help us ‘Stay Cool’ out on the salt. Check them out!