The funny car ‘cage within a cage’ plans for the car had to be slightly modified, it turns out with a ‘full containment’ seat and 6’1″ and 230lbs of ‘me’ installed in the car there’s only so much room to work with ;).  We’re still overbuilding the crap out of the cage, and there will still be a funny car style structure around the drivers seat, but just not to quite the extent I originally envisioned.  You can see the modified plan coming together in these latest pics.  There’s only a bar or two missing now in the drivers area of the car.  After that there’s structure to be built into the trunk/hatch area to protect the fuel cell and to mount the parachute and push bar.  We’ll also be building a large hump into the rear of the car in between the strut towers to accommodate the solid axle rear end that will soon make it’s home there.

The Kirkey 45 Series Full Containment seat is mounted now, and the Tilton brake/clutch pedals are mounted to the dash bar as well, and designed to be adjustable forward/aft to accomodate different height drivers (though I’m not sure I’m going to let anyone talk me into driving it) ;).

We’ve got a ATL 15gal Fuel Cell (with bladder) and Lokar Gas Pedal going in.  We took measurements for where I want the steering wheel located so that will happen soon.  The engine mounts are being fabricated and are super beefy.  I’ve got 25″ tall by 4.5″ wide GoodYear FrontRunner tires sitting here now, and wheels on the way.  I need to mount up a pair of these and mock their location up under the rear end of the car so I can measure for my differential width.  That should happen, and finally be ordered next week.

Additionally I’m ordering in all my safety gear this week, so that we can get the 7 point SFI 16.5 harness installed and finalize the seat installation and cage structure underneath the seat.  Currently there are 2 bars under the seat, we may add a third as a part of this, not sure yet.

Sorry these pictures aren’t quite as good as normal, they were taken with an iPhone instead of the DSLR I usually use.