Weekly update here:  The engine and trans have been test fit (pics below show it slightly out of place as it was pulled forward and up to make room to cut on the floor).  The floor/tunnel have been cut out to make room for the shifter linkage, and soon the engine/trans will be seated back in place for a second fitment test to see if any more cutting is needed closer to the firewall to fit the bellhousing (and or to aid removal/installation of the trans with the engine in the car).

The cage got another bar or two as well.  Also note the slick Tilton 600 series floor mount pedals sitting in the floorboard.  Currently I’m really just building the car to fit me, but I figured I’d have the pedals in so that they can be easily moved closer to the drivers seat, just in case.

We’re going to try and get the rear diff setup ordered this week and start TIG welding all of the cage in place (currently just tacked together), and then we’ll get the seat mounted and start working on the ladder bars/solid axle conversion.