Beginning the Cage

The cage is finally starting to come together.  I’ve dropped by the chassis shop a couple times over the past couple of weeks and grabbed pictures of the process.  Started out slow but just recently started picking up some steam.  I just ran the seat up to them yesterday so they can build mounts into the cage and plan the funny car-style ‘cage within a cage’ around the seat which is not required by the rules but greatly enhances the safety of the cage.  All tubing used up to this point is 1.75″ .120 wall mild steel which is a step above the minimum required 1 5/8″ .120 tubing.  I’ve got an awesome wife and kids to come home to and I fully intend to do so.  Safety first!

I should be running the motor/trans/mounts up to the shop today or tomorrow to test fit so we can make any needed changes to the tunnel to fit everything.

First a few pics after cooking out some of the factory seam sealer in prep for seam welding and welding in plates for the cage.


1/4″ plates welded in at all tie-in points to the chassis, and the main hoop goes in…


Then just yesterday this was the latest…

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