Still moving the build forward– Here’s a number of newer pics showing the front and rear suspension, side windows and ‘sunroof’ Lexan installed, and finally the car as it sits on the ground with full suspension, wheels, tires. (No brakes yet, but that’s a bolt on deal).

4 link rear suspension is going in here


A few shots of the undercarriage


Side window-frames built up to support the Lexan windows (see pics with windows in below).

Front suspension, no brakes, with Goodyear Eagle Frontrunner tires.  They stick out a bit more than I’d like, slightly into the air, we we’re making some adjustments to bring the tires in a bit and our of the air.  We’ll probably shorten those beefy Megan Control Arms a bit to bring the wheels in where we want them, and may have to adjust the coilover mounts up above to keep camber in check.


The Stance Pro-Comp 3 Coilovers are all in place up front, still need to mount the reservoirs.


The 4-link is all complete, with only finish welding on 1 tab and addition of a second tab remaining on the left side where the panhard bar attaches to be welded up.  Panhard bar sits level at ride-height, and is height adjustable on the right (pass) side.


OEM form-factor Stance Pro-Comp 3 Coilovers in their homes at the rear of the car as well, though this is far from the OEM configuration ;).  These are the same exact coilovers that are a direct fit on an OEM IRS suspension on the rear of this car, but with our solid rear axle conversion we had to dream up a new plan to fit them, and with the axle sitting high (to get the ride height fairly low) this is the execution of the plan that took shape.  Side benefit is the rear coilovers won’t see nearly as much salt in the cabin like this.  (though that stuff still gets EVERYWHERE!)


Our LandSpeed 240sx in process...
And so here it sits as of today 12-10-12. You can see the side and top windows in, the others will wait until after paint (these three pop right out).


And here’s the current to-do list before it leaves Fat Cat and comes home to DIY HQ to be wired, plumbed, fired, and tuned.  Then it comes back apart for paint and final Lexan installation.  Then all goes back together in race trim.

  • Roof Rails
  • Window Retainer Tabs (can be built into roof rails?)
  • Narrow the front end to bring the wheels/tires just inside the fenders and out of the air and that car will sit at ride height. Ensure camber is adjustable to neutral with a degree or two + or – possible (just to get it back to neutral if anything changes).
  • 1/4″ steel sling around front 25% of driveshaft.
  • Dashboard
  • Finish welding suspension (panhard bar, anything else?)
  • Parachute Mount
  • Install/Adjust DZUS fasteners on windows
  • Install/Adjust DZUS style fasteners on hood. (Full-Bore Race)