673cid Billet Hemi by Goodwin Competition Engines
Running MS3Pro


2015 Drag Week Results:

Pro Street Naturally Aspirated Class
5 day average = 9.416 @ 162.494mph

James ‘Doc’ McEntire entered the event with zero hours or miles on his combination other than a 30 minute tuning session the evening before the event started!  However, the previous month they’d been on the engine dyno at Goodwin Competition Engines to tune the all-billet monster which ended up making 1415hp!

Sunday test & tune allowed a single shakedown pass in the low 10 second range to check that everything was ready for a full power pass on Monday morning as the event began.

Monday saw Doc’s first real pass at 8.730 @ 168.51mph.   Being 1.3 seconds quicker than 2nd place, Doc has PLENTY of breathing room and needed to focus most on surviving the 1100-mile drive that the week would have in store for him.  With minor electronic gremlins from a damaged relay board bothering him all week, Doc made it to Indy safely during the evening, also fighting minor cooling issues on the way.

Tuesday in Indy, Doc stepped it up a little bit with a 8.375 @ 169.3mph, easily covering his class.   The drive that evening to Union Grove, WI was easier with no mechanical problems.

Wednesday in Union Grove, Doc and his copilot Jeff McConnell fought what ended up being a shorted trans brake wire (on hot exhaust) which was causing electrical issues.  A little late to the track because of this, they still managed to put down a 8.456 @ 165.83mph pass and move on to Cordova.  The drive to Cordova, IL ended up being “pretty easy” according to Doc and Jeff, with the usual twists-and-turns of the Drag Week route and checkpoints requiring careful attention (cars traveling off-route are disqualified, and NINE competitors this year were booted this way!)

Thursday in Cordova would prove to be Doc’s toughest day.  During his first pass, “something let go” in low gear in the trans, but the MS3-Pro “auto shifter” put the engine in high gear and carried the car to a slower, but acceptable 9.615 @ 161.73mph.   Fortunately, this was enough of a pass to keep him in the lead…  but the rest of the day was spent repairing the transmission.  Because the car was leading its class and placed in “impound” during the day in Cordova, it meant that ONLY the driver and copilot were allowed to touch the car to perform maintenance and repairs.  Doc and Jeff spent the rest of the day, and late into the evening, at the Cordova track repairing the transmission by themselves!  They managed to get it back together, and hit the road at *midnight* to get as far as possible towards the final track in St Louis.   They made it to Gateway just as the sun was coming up, and spent a few hours sleeping in the car to get as much rest as possible…  

Friday at St. Louis, Doc made a safe pass to make sure he won the class, at 11.907 @ 147.010mph.  He attempted a second pass, this time removing all torque/power management aids in the MS3-Pro, to see what the car had in it – and unfortunately, broke the transmission AGAIN!   However, he’d won his class and also made the quickest single pass for a Naturally Aspirated vehicle at the event, a high honor!

Hot Rod Magazine Coverage:  http://www.hotrod.com/events/hot-rod-drag-week/2015/1509-drag-week-2015-crazy-camaro-672-ci-monster-mystery-motor-hemi-1450-hpnever-been-run-or-driven/