Knoxville, TN native Eric Anderson has put together probably the most successful autocross car in in the US, and probably the world. Meet LaFawnda, his once upon a time daily driver now turned full race car and multiple time SCCA National Championship winner.


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♬ Quick Musical Doodles – Two Feet

LaFawnda is co-driven between Eric Anderson and Randall Wilcox. Between these 2 drivers, LaFawnda has taken home 3 SCCA SSM National Championships and 1 National Championship in XP. It won both SSM and XP in 2021, the first time a car won 2 open class National Championships in the same race season. In 2021, Eric also earned the coveted Triad award, having won a Pro Solo event, the National Championship event in Lincoln, and a National Tour all in the same year. Co-driver Wilcox is on the hunt for a Triad as well, and will have earned it if he takes the top spot on the podium at 2021’s final SCCA event in December.

“The team at AMP EFI and DIY Autotune have supported us with expert advice and quality products since 2011,” Anderson said. “The MS3Pro took our engine management to the next level, and their expertise and product quality gives us the confidence needed to win two different class championships in the same weekend with the same car.”

Current Car Specifications

1996 Mazda Miata “R” Package (#47 of 111)
UltraCarbon custom seats
AST Shocks built by Intertia Labs
V8Roadsters Pro Series Tubular Control Arms
Keisler Automation Drop Spindles
Bogart wheels
Hoosier Racing Tires

Mazda BP, built to 1.9l with forged pistons and rods, stock crank
1.6l Lysholm twin screw supercharger, worked over by Jon Bond Performance
Top End Fabrication custom built intake and exhaust manifolds, intercooler system, and exhaust
Kelford cams, custom grind
Quicktime Bellhousing
GForce GSR Transmission
ACT Clutch

AMP EFI MS3Pro Fuel and Ignition Control (MS3ProPNP for 96-97 Miata)
AMP EFI IGN1A Smart Coils
Racelogic Traction Control