BEGI Series 3 Turbo Kit, GT2560, Intercooled, 14psi

Latest Dyno Results 11/21/2007's Turbo Miata Dyno Plot HP and TQ

Torque versus WHP's Turbo Miata Dyno Plot HP and MAP

Boost (MAP) vs WHP


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Just a handle of pics fresh after a bath, getting ready for PRI ’07 (below)

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The 91T at the 2007 PRI show, sitting in DynaPack’s outdoor booth on one of their dyno’s, getting the snot beat out of it demoing both the dyno and the MSPNP EMS a few times a day…


Video of a 253whp dyno pull and of us (Jerry) goofing off with the MiataT doing some fairly smoky 1st and 2nd gear donuts, taking some nearly new (crappy no-name) tires down to nothing in about 3 minutes…

Upcoming Plans

Hotter coils allowing more boost without spark blowout.  Possible water injection.  Drag radials to help actually get some of this power to the road, and R-Comp’s for the Auto-x course in ’08 (SM2).