Andy Leach of CAL Automotive Creations builds some of the finest hotrods on the planet. Andy, a Ridler Award winner, built this amazing “World’s Fastest ’34 Chevy” in just 2 years. The attention to detail is beyond exquisite, but this show car is really a race car. At Bonneville Speedweek 2021, piloted by Shane Stubbs, the ’34 blasted its way to 279 mph average speed through mile 4 with a 284 top speed. Andy and Shane will be back in 2022, hungry as ever and looking for more.

Current Car Specifications

Car #2060, 1934 Chevrolet Bonneville Comp Coupe
Built by CAL Automotive Creations
427 LSX with 108mm Turbo
Jerico air shifted 5 speed transmission
Winters Quick Change rear end
CAL Auto built chassis

Engine is controlled by MS3Pro Gen1 with CANEGT monitoring exhaust temps and Innovate Motorsports’ LC-2 monitoring AFR.