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VVTuner Valve Timing Control Unit – Assembled
VVTuner Valve Timing Control Unit – Assembled
VVTuner Valve Timing Control Unit – Assembled
VVTuner Valve Timing Control Unit – Assembled
VVTuner Valve Timing Control Unit – Assembled
VVTuner Valve Timing Control Unit – Assembled

VVTuner – Standalone VVT Controller for 2001-2005 Mazda Miata Engines



Innovate LC-1 Serial Cable - 3746 – optional

VVTuner 18" Pigtail Wiring Harness – optional


DIYAutoTune’s VVTuner system is a standalone VVT (variable valve timing) controller for 2001-2005 MX-5 Miata engines.

This system also translates the NB crank and cam sensor signals from the stock trigger wheels into NA style signals, making it perfect for swapping the VVT head into earlier Miatas. Can be used with a MegaSquirt EMS (perhaps an older unit you already have that doesn’t support VVT) or on its own to get the most out of your variable valve timing.

Uses Innovate-style tuning cable, sold separately. Includes a solder cup DB15 connector for making your own harness.


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VVTuner software (Windows only)

I have a [enter brand here] motor.  Can VVTuner control the VVT?

  • VVTuner is a custom designed product that is capable of controlling variable valve timing in a 2001-2005 Mazda MX-5 Miata BP-Z3 engine ONLY.  It is incompatible with any other engine combination.

Will the VVTuner support alternate crank trigger patterns, such as the Flyin’ Miata 36-2?

  • The VVTuner is designed for the stock crank and cam trigger wheels, and does not support other patterns.

What else is required?

  • Aside from the Mazda BP-Z3 and VVTuner Cam Control Module, you will also need a vacuum line, wiring harness, and tuning cable.  These items are not included with the VVTuner in order to keep cost as low as possible for those who do not need the items.

What type of connector is used with VVTuner?

  • VVTuner uses a DB15 d-sub connector.  A wiring harness side solder cup is included so you can make your own harness.  If you prefer to purchase a preassembled pigtail harness, we offer the VVT-Piggy.

What type of tune cable is required?

  • VVTuner uses an Innovate style serial cable.  We do not include this cable with the VVTuner because many of our customers already own this cable, so not including it keeps cost as low as possible.  If you do not already own the serial cable, you will want to add an Innovate 3746 to your order.

Where can I find more documentation on using VVTuner?

Where is this product assembled?

  • This product is assembled in Gainesville, Georgia, USA.


Questions & Answers

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    Sorry, the VVTuner is Miata specific. The MS3, however, can support the Focus's VVT control.

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    The VVTuner is only configured for stock Miata trigger wheels.

    The VVT angle will continue to follow the highest kPa reading if the kPa goes beyond that. You can move the top row in the software to allow more rows under boost.

    We currently do not have ready to go tunes for turbo builds, but you can adjust the cam timing table to whatever the engine needs. The default map, intended for a stock Miata, will be a decent starting point.