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MegaSquirt-I EFI System – SMD PCB3.57 with Black Case

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MegaSquirt-I Programmable EFI System PCB3.57 – with Black Case – Part # MS1357-C_BL

Completely assembled including:

  • All ‘Basic Components’
  • PWM Flyback Damping Circuit components
  • Hall Sensor/Coil(-) and VR Sensor Ignition Trigger Components (jumpered for Hall sensor, optical sensor, points, or fuel only using negative coil input- you can reconfigure for any input you like)
  • Current Limiting Circuit Components
  • Also includes solder-cup DB37 and DB15 with clamshells for building your own harness.

The MegaSquirt EFI System is truly the dream Electronic Fuel Injection computer for the DIYer. MegaSquirt has been installed on thousands of engines from restored classics to daily drivers to full on race-cars. Turbo, supercharged, or NA the MegaSquirt can handle your fueling needs. These use MS1/Extra firmware and the documentation at

Features/Benefits of the MegaSquirt-I EFI System

  • Onboard MAP sensor for NA or boosted engines up to 21psi! (Upgradeable to 44psi)
  • Speed density or Alpha-N.
  • Use any injector – High or Low impedance.
  • Compatible with output from narrowband sensors and wideband O2 systems.
  • Log data on your laptop for later analysis.
  • Tuning software is free for download and regularly updated with new features.
  • Open Source design – all code and hardware information is available online.
  • Includes proper female DB37 and DB15 connectors and shells for building your wiring harness.
  • Professionally Machined Brushed Aluminum Case with Endplates. Excellent Fit and Finish! Flanged for easy mounting.
  • Supports use of original MS tach input, ignition coil triggering, VR, Hall and Optical sensor triggering.

Features Specific to the Latest PCB Version 3.57 Surface Mount

  • 90% of components converted to surface mount. This standardizes the part numbers used, as well as the assembly process, resulting in consistently high quality. (I know you were already used to that from us here at DIYAutoTune ;)
  • Hall effect, optical, and VR ignition input setting are now easily set by jumper shunts, no need to bust out your soldering iron to change your base hardware ignition input configuration anymore!
  • Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) Idle Valves are now natively supported by the PCBv3.57 hardware without the need for modification. This is one of the coolest features as this was a very common modification that will no longer be needed. The circuitry on the PCBv3.57 will control a standard on/off fast idle valve, or a 2/3 wire PWM Idle valve!
  • Enhanced I/O Capabilities
    • DB15 Added for bringing signals into/out of the ECU
    • Common signal pickup points (IE ‘top of the LEDs, etc’) are brought out to easily accessible solder pads
  • LEDs are surface mounted

MS1/Extra Code Standard!

This unit is loaded with MS1/Extra code when it is built. In addition to giving you more tuning capabilities out of the box, this allows you to customize the hardware for additional inputs and outputs with our solder-in mod kits. Features this code allows include:

  • Ignition Control, distributor-based and distributor-less (DIS) systems
  • 12×12 Volumetric Efficiency (VE) and Ignition Tables
  • Closed loop boost control
  • Rev limiters
  • Shift Light control
  • Water Injection control
  • Knock Sensor Input

Out of the box, this one is set up for fuel control only. Hardware based MS1/Extra features require internal modifications. See the MS1/Extra manual for details.

Fully Upgradeable to MegaSquirt II Fuel and Ignition Controller

This unit can be upgraded to MegaSquirt-II and you’ll have the following new/improved features:

  • Ignition control (full spark timing advance control, dwell control, etc) for one coil/distributor and EDIS systems
  • Fuel/Spark tuning tables at 12×12 resolution or even up to 16×16 fuel table resolution running the latest MS2-Extra firmware
  • On-board stepper motor driver for IAC stepper control (this will require a few jumper wires to be added on the MegaSquirt PCB)
  • More processor speed
  • 100X greater pulse width resolution
  • Easier configuration and tuning setup

Schematics and source code are publically available for tinkerers!

You can customize both the hardware and the firmware to meet your needs. Schematics are published to help with troubleshooting and modifications, and the firmware is available in assembly language if you wish to write your own code!

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1 review for MegaSquirt-I EFI System – SMD PCB3.57 with Black Case

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What inputs and outputs is the MS1 V3.57 set up for?

  • It is set up for basic fuel control, with the following inputs and outputs:
    • Coolant temperature
    • Air temperature
    • MAP sensor (built in)
    • Throttle position sensor
    • O2 sensor – narrow band or external wideband controller
    • Single RPM input – Hall, optical, or VR
    • On/off or PWM idle control
    • Fuel pump relay
    • Two fuel injector banks

What firmware does it have?

  • The MS1 V3.57 ships with MS1/Extra 029y4 code loaded.

When should I use a V2.2 board, and when is it worth stepping up to a V3.0 or V3.57?

  • The V3.0 and V3.57 are significantly more flexible. For a new build, a V2.2 could be cost effective under the following conditions:
    • You will be running high impedance injectors.
    • You will be using fuel control only, or one of the following ignition systems:
      • Ford TFI
      • Ford EDIS
      • GM HEI
      • VW Hall effect distributor and “139” ignition module
    • You do not need any other outputs beyond fuel and ignition control.
    • You do not intend to upgrade to MS2 or MS3 in the future.

Is the V3.57 board available in kit form?

  • The V3.57 is essentially a V3.0 that has been changed for machine assembly with very few differences. Consequently, it is not offered in kit form.

What connections are on the DB15?

  • By default, it only has a couple extra reference voltage and ground pins for sensors. The DB15 can be used for adding optional I/O if you run out of pins on the main connector.

Where is it built?

  • The components are assembled at various locations in the US, with final assembly completed in Gainesville, Georgia.

What is the warranty?

  • We provide a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Questions & Answers

    i have a 6014 msd ls ignition box that i got cause i was going carb but i want fuel injection and i like the megasquirt stuff wondering how to have both setups on my vehicle
  1. 0 votes
    Q i have a 6014 msd ls ignition box that i got cause i was going carb but i want fuel injection and...... Read more
    Asked by joshua guzman
    Answered by the admin

    In most cases, I would recommend using the MegaSquirt to control fuel and ignition all in one box. But if for some reason you want to use these two devices together, just connect the MegaSquirt's pin 24 to the 6014's tach output.

  2. So does this control ignition out of the box.i have direct coil control with a hall sensor.
  3. 0 votes
    Q So does this control ignition out of the box.i have direct coil control with a hall sensor.
    Asked by Tanner
    Answered by the admin

    An out of the box MS1 will be fuel only. You could add internal mods, or start with an MS2 if you want an ECU that has ignition output standard.

  4. Will this work for a Ford 4.9 inline 6? With slight modifications?
  5. 0 votes
    Q Will this work for a Ford 4.9 inline 6? With slight modifications?
    Asked by Nick
    Answered by the admin

    Yes, it needs the same modifications as shown in our 5.0 Mustang MegaSquirt installation guide.

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