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Anti-Static ESD Protection Wrist Strap


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Anti-Static ESD Protection Wrist Strap

Protect your electronics from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) during assembly or modification. Attach this wrist strap by connecting the clip to a good ground point and you’ll safely discharge all static electricity without damaging your components as you handle them. It doesn’t take much to do the damage, far less static than what it takes for you and I to be able to ‘feel’ it can do lasting damage, so it is a good idea to use this ESD Wrist Strap. Also handy for computer repair or anytime you’re working with sensitive electronics that you don’t want to ‘zap’.

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What’s a good point to ground it to?

  • You could ground it to the ground wire on an outlet, to a metal water pipe, or to a length of metal driven into the ground.

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