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3/8″ NPT Aluminum Weld-On Bung for IAT or CLT Sensor


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3/8″ NPT Aluminum Weld-On Bung for IAT or CLT Sensor

Bung is 6061-T6 aluminum alloy; the included plug is galvanized steel.

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Should I use this bung or the stainless steel bung?

  • It depends on the intake piping material. Use this mounting bung if you are using aluminum pipe, and the stainless steel bung if using steel pipe. For plastic charge piping, you can use either bung and attach it with epoxy.

Do I need this if I am installing the sensor in a cast manifold or cast tubing?

  • No, the bung is only necessary if you are mounting the bung in a thin walled surface that doesn’t have enough thickness to cut threads into it.

Questions & Answers

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    The bung outer diameter is 0.86" (22 mm). There are several reasons we include a plug:

    • To protect the threads from spatter while welding.
    • Using a plug while welding helps avoid installing the bung inside-out, since the threads are tapered.
    • It allows leak testing without having a sensor on hand.
    • There are several reasons you may want to install this bung but then plug it instead of using a sensor - when testing multiple sensor locations, or if you are using it as a drain plug on a fabricated oil or transmission pan.