What is ‘Alpha’ Firmware?
Alpha Firmware is not for everyone. For the average user, the ‘Release Firmware is preferable. This Alpha MS3 Firmware contains bug fixes and feature additions/improvements which were not included in previous official stable or beta firmware releases yet. As such, it has been less tested and some functions may work properly as yet.

Should I use this ‘Alpha’ MS3 Firmware?
For our customers that like to be on ‘the bleeding edge’ of new features, this pre-release ‘alpha’ firmware has just been released for all MS3 and MS3 based ECUs including MS3Pro PNP and MS3Pro Evo/Ultimate/Gen1 products. Alternately, in some cases our Tech Support Team may suggest you try this to add a particular feature or address a particular issue. If you don’t fit into one of these two categories, I suggest you consider staying with the current Release Firmware for the time being. Thanks!

Main changes since [current release] 1.5.2 firmware for MS3 ECUs:

Bug fixes

Rework flex fuel baseline calculation.
Don’t trip overboost when not-running or cranking.
Allow dome test mode to run regardless of MAP.
Fix stepper idle problem limiting homing steps in error.
Fix stepper idle test that wasn’t holding at homing position.
Don’t apply idle RPM correction when idle target RPM is zero.
Batch fire crank resync fix – reset glob_sequential after crank if it was changed.

New/changed features

Closed-loop boost, single-solenoid. Add bias range option.
Add TPS-based MAP prediction.
Add support for Kia IMU over CAN for accelerometer inputs, X, Y, Z=yaw.
Add feature to lookup launch limit based on MAP to help with turbo spooling.
Add 11th,12th spark outputs for MS3PRO hardware.
Add cam decoder for Barra. (Set 6 cam teeth.)
Add “Linear 0.5-4.5V” Generic Sensor transformation.
Add on/off bitfield datalog channels. Tweaked version of data supplied by EFI Analytics.
Change layout of I/O testmodes to show usage too. (Needs checking on all hardware.)
PWM fan control.
Launch – option to ignore RPM requirement.
Add VSS1 vs. VSS2 timing retard table as additional Traction method.
Changed injector deadtime logic to use lookups only and can include pressure.
Extend boost vs. speed/time etc. to 12 points.
For boost vs. time, hold at zero time during launch.
Apply rewritten VQ35 decoder from

Minor/ internal changes

Remove PW4X.
Add recommended braces to A/C idle/fan condition.
Change MAP calibration displayed units to kPa.
Fix typo on lotus dash setting.
Do set DDRS for MS3, MS3-Pro gen1, MS3-Goldbox.
‘gear’ changed to signed in ini.
Reduce no. knock channels from 16 to 12 to free up outpc space.
E46 CAN broadcast tooltip note.
Shift light bulb test.
VVT delay.
Allow knock_conf_debug on MS3Pro if num_cyl is small enough.
Return an error if incorrect data length sent to calibrate AFR table.
Attempt workaround for injOpen1 in ini to stop TS complaining.

** Injector deadtime method has changed. You MUST check and reset your deadtime. **

Be sure to read the README.txt and RELEASE-NOTES.txt that are supplied in the zipfile.

Some of the ini changes will result in harmless warnings when loading MSQs from 1.4.x Users upgrading from 1.2.x or earlier codes need to pay more attention.
TunerStudio 3.1.xx or later is recommended for correct serial validation and SDcard format operation.

This ALPHA firmware zip is available from the MSExtra Downloads Page here.

Have feedback on this firmware release? Have questions, or issues? Check out the discussion here and if your question is not already answered, ask away! Or offer your own feedback and experiences!