High performance Miata builds need high performance ignition systems; the stock ignition coils typically won’t cut it if you’re running a lot of boost on your turbo Miata or supercharged Miata or otherwise increasing the cylinder pressure (high compression n/a builds).

We’ve done several of own turbo Miata builds. We’ve worked with a LOT of customer’s supercharged Miata’s. We have found no good solutions in the Miata Performance Parts world for a truly amazing MX5 / Miata ignition system that can handle anything you throw at it. So we fixed that.

Who can benefit from a hotter Miata ignition?

Turbo Miatas. Supercharged Miatas. High compression naturally aspirated Miatas. Even nearly stock engines can see a smoother idle and better throttle response with an ignition upgrade kit like the MaxSpark PNP. Mazda builders have tried a lot of different ignition upgrade options to get more spark. Swapping on anything from GM truck coils to coils off a Toyota Camry. The GM coils are certainly an upgrade, but have limitations. The Toyota coils, meh…. Neither can reliably be used long-term with a stock ECU. And some have issues with pre-maturely firing a spark due to overdwell, which can advance your timing by an unpredictable amount, and is a great way to torch an engine.

The solution: The IGN1A Smart Coil

The MaxSpark PNP system for Miatas using the hottest ignition coils on the market, the IGN-1A Smart Coils produce an incredibly hot spark and work great on these cars. These coils are known far and wide as the hottest ignition coils on the market, if you’re running a Miata turbo kit, or a Miata supercharger kit for that matter, this is absolutely what you need to ensure you’re not blowing out spark and are making ALL of the power your engine can make!

We’ve been offering these ignition coils for years, and supporting some of the fastest Miata’s in the country using them, like Eric Anderson’s Pro Solo Champion Miata… they work amazing, but installing them on a Miata has typically meant fabrication and custom wiring. Until now.

Made Easy

Our new MaxSpark kit for the Miata ignition does for the IGN-1A what the MSPNP line does for the MegaSquirt. We’ve made the IGN-1As an easy, turn-key upgrade to maximize the performance of your Miata ignition! The MaxSpark PNP ignition kit for the 1990-2005 Miata will give you a substantial ignition system upgrade on your Miata. NO cutting or splicing wires, NO extra parts to buy, NO need to cut sheet metal or drill any holes. This kit includes everything you need. IGN1A Smart Coils, a bracket and mounting hardware, a wiring harness that plugs into your stock wiring making the install super simple, and high quality spark plug wires.

Made Hot

And we’ve addressed one of the major weak points in the NA and NB Miata ignition system: Voltage drop. The Miata power wiring is undersized for sustained high RPM use, and it’s certainly undersized for high energy coils. That’s one of the main issues with some of the DIY Miata Ignition Upgrades you may have seen others do, the wiring is inadequate to the get the 12v+ power to the coils, so you never see the benefits. We combine an ever hotter coil, with proper wiring to get ALL of the juice to your spark plugs.

Made Reliable

The MaxSpark PNP harness solves these issues by adding a dedicated ignition relay controlled 50 amp ignition circuit. And does so Plug and Play, even allowing you to tuck this (dead sexy) harness if you prefer. This allows for minimal voltage drop to the coils AND it takes all of the load off the Miata factory wiring and main relay. Ever had a main relay failure at the track? A lot of us have… As a bonus these systems stand to increase your cars reliability since you’re taking the load off of that relay, and to save your race day!

These coils are as hot as they get! These race ignition coils handle up to 19 amps of current. That’s twice the spark energy of the hottest OEM coil we’ve ever tested. They don’t have any unwelcome features like the GM truck coils’ overdwell “protection”. Did you know those coils can advance your timing if you run too much dwell? (and why would you want to burn down an engine to protect an ignition coil?). No DIY Miata ignition coil solution is anywhere near as capable as the IGN1A. We made it PNP for you. There is a reason why you see these coils on ProModified race cars firing 60psi of turbo boost on methanol! If they can do that on a Pro Mod… what can they do for you?

High Performance AND Reliable? Yes.

Even with all their spark energy, these are very reliable coils – they’ll typically last for years of racing. We’ve personally been running them for years on our own race cars. And dare I say it… They just don’t fail unless they’re installed wrong, and we’ve taken ALL of the guesswork out of that. We wire ’em right so you can just Plug-n-Play it, with full dwell and config information for you. The documentation is thorough and easy to follow (see docs tab on product page). We’ve got you covered.

Note that NA Miatas need to use either an aftermarket tachometer or a tach output from a standalone ECU. But if you need this kit, you probably will have a standalone ECU anyway. We’ve got you covered there, too.

Don’t settle for a less on your supercharged Miata or turbo Miata/MX5. Do it right with a MaxSpark PNP Performance Ignition System. Open up those plug gaps AND turn up the boost! Not ‘or’, but AND!!! Yes, you can proverbially ‘have your cake and eat it too!’. This high performance Miata ignition system is powerful enough to support anything you’ll ever do with your car. It’s likely to help smooth your idle and make that throttle response even snappier, too!

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