PiDash by Pahls Performance is a RaspberryPi based digital dashboard display that runs TunerStudio. In additional to allowing you to customize your dash and gauges, you can also tune your engine straight from the dash using a keyboard and mouse, or in some models touchscreen capabilities. The PiDash requires minor wiring for a 12v power and ground source. With a convenient USB connection, communicating with a Megasquirt or Microsquirt-based ECU is simple. PiDash gives the ability to review datalogs and adjust the vehicle’s tune without a laptop. It’s also equipped with a fully customizable gauge layout, thanks to Tunerstudio’s innovative gauge design feature there are a variety of screen options available. With Tunerstudio’s gauge design feature, you’ll be able to fully customize your gauge layout.

12.3" PiDash Display

PiDash gives a variety of screen options, including a 7” display that fits most vehicles, a 12.3” for a more comprehensive view of the vehicle’s sensor data, or an 11.9” bar style display that’s perfect for smaller rectangular dash openings.

11.9" Bar Display screenshot
PiDash 3D Printed Dash Bezel

The PiDash gives you access to a wealth of advanced features and all the information you need right at your fingertips. PiDash includes 10HZ GPS for logging speed, mileage, fuel economy, and many other inputs. You can also add a backup camera to the PiDash display, which activates off a toggle switch, just like in modern vehicles.

Power loss can be an issue when tuning, to alleviate this issue there is a battery backup option. This will not only prevent power loss while cranking, but it will also serve as a separate power source. The optional battery-backup keeps the PiDash powered while the vehicle’s electronics are off and charges the power supply when running. Helpful for reviewing datalogs without keeping the rest of the vehicle powered. Plus, Pahls Performance offers 3D printed gauge clusters for the 7” PiDash. Custom gauge layouts are also available to suit your specific needs. Pahls Performance has partnered with Los at EFI Instruction to create direct replacement gauge clusters for popular vehicles. If your vehicle isn’t on the list, they can work with you to create a solution that works for you. Los can even add gauge holes to your specifications.

PiDash TunerStudio Custom Gauge 002 IMG
PiDash TunerStudio Custom Gauge 001 IMG

Take advantage of the new Tunerstudio Dash software, designed especially for the Raspberry Pi. With Tunerstudio Dash, you can take control of your vehicle’s performance like never before. Features include Raspberry Pi integration, an integrated web server for configuration from your laptop or PC, automatic triggered logging, power management for clean shutdowns, and multiple dashboards that can be swiped or moved by any event such as a pin input, multiple dashboards that can be easily swiped through, you’ll have all the control you need.

PiDash TunerStudio Custom Gauge 003 IMG
PiDash TunerStudio Custom Gauge 004 IMG

As well as having the ability to tie in turn signals, high beam indicators, etc. you’ll enjoy a seamless driving experience. If you’re looking for even more customization, Pahls Performance offers custom gauge layouts to help you get the perfect look for your vehicle. Whether you want to tie in turn signals indicators, high beam indicators, or any other switched inputs, PiDash has you covered. Plus, with OneGauge, you can quickly and easily connect to PiDash through a single USB connection.

Check out Pahls Performance to learn more and to order a PiDash to use with your MS3Pro or MSPNP ECU!!