Had a good weekend, spent most of it chasing my speed on my very first pass. That 217.39 stands as my all-time top speed. My third and final run Sunday I ran a 216 and change.

Still a great weekend, made five passes, all five of them were records. One of them new to me, and four of them bumping up my existing records. That makes 13 records total we currently hold with this car at The Ohio Mile.

Big thanks to Turbonetics Turbochargers for providing the boost, and CoolShirt Systems for keeping me cool. Also a big thanks to Ball Engine Parts and Service Inc. for the 2JZ that just keeps running laps as consistently as a bracket car, and Zen Motors for helping with some items on the car as we were preparing to head out for the event!

Now to make plans to make it faster for next season. More tire for sure.  And I need to work on my spool assist system to make it progressive so I can control just how much boost it builds — as it was making too much too soon, but it was ‘just right’ once I got moving.

Likely will build a spoiler for Altered classes and Belly Pan for Comp Coupe classes. Maybe more turbo? More motor? We’ll see….