“American Choppers” – Paul Sr’s Dyno Graph from his 2010 Trans Am built by Trans Am Depot!

Posted on January 1, 2011

(Episodes of American Choppers with this car aired 5/9/2011 and 5/16/2011)

Paul SR Trans Am Dryno Graph
Paul Sr’s Twin Turbo Trans Am Dyno Graph

Here’s one of the near-final pulls of Paul’s Sr’s Twin Turbo Trans Am.  The highest numbers we saw was a round 1100whp and 1070wtq, but we ended up pulling a little of the nitrous out of it and settled here at a measely 1073whp, and 1012wtq.  Call it ‘margin of safety’ if you want ;).

Here’s a little explanation of what you see here in case you’re not used to reading dyno graphs.  All factors are measured over a full sweep from 2500rpm to 6600 rpm.  You’ll see this scale across the bottom of the graph.  On the left and right of the graph, the inner scales are Torque and Horsepower.  The other scales, are Air Fuel Ratio, and MAP/Boost pressure.

The Green line is the Torque reading taken at the wheels.

The Blue line is the Horsepower reading taken at the wheels.

The Yellow Line is turbo boost pressure, measured in PSI.

The purple line is Air/Fuel Ratio.

This car was running EFI Live (sadly not one of our own MegaSquirt EMS systems – we got involved late in the game) and we were asked to bring our dyno down for the American Choppers shoot back in February.  Trans Am Depot had Troy from SuddenPower there to do the tuning – just needed a dyno to tune on.  We brought the dyno down and assisted with the tune, then packed the dyno back up and trailered it home back home, here in Suwanee, GA.