When using the MicroSquirt as a transmission controller with an MS3, many of the MicroSquirt’s analog inputs go unused. The MicroSquirt has seven analog inputs, but it only reads the transmission temperature and possibly an analog shifter, using the ECU for engine load data. Want to use these extra inputs to run functions in the MS3? The inputs are data logged automatically, but if you want the MS3 to read these, you’ll need to set it under the CAN parameters menu. (Click the picture for a larger view.)

These settings will give you five inputs:

MicroSquirt pin number CAN ADC number
24 1
26 2
25 3
27 4
34 5

The input on pin 25 has a 2.49K pull up resistor for use with temperature sensors. The others do not and are intended for a 0-5 volt signal. One you have these CAN inputs enabled, you can select “CAN ADC01” through “CAN ADC05” as a sensor input source in the Generic Sensors menu, such as this example which uses CAN ADC01 as a fuel pressure sensor.

Thanks to Felix Hamilton, who appears to have worked out these settings independently while we were working on this write-up, and confirmed they work.