It was great connecting with , both current and new at the PRI Show 2011!

The turnout was great, and it was awesome to see the great response we got to our display, including the ‘20,000 RPM Death Machine’ which by show time we had spinning up as high as 21,400 RPM! By mid way through the show we backed that down to a bit over 18k, as we got tired of resetting the breaker ;).

Just about everybody that came by though stopped to take a look at the display, and many stuck around to check it out closer and to ask questions. We had quite a few people who made sure to tell us how good the display was; one that said we deserved a award, and another that said it was the best display at the show! This is quite humbling and at the same time exciting to us as we’ve really got a very small budget compared to ‘the other guys’, some of which had HUGE displays that cost them 10’s of thousands of dollars just for the space, and that much more for the buildout of the booth. In DIY style though, what we lacked in budget I think we made up for in creativity and hard work. Which, by the way, matches the MegaSquirt’s community (and DIY’s) outlook to a T, so that’s something to be proud of.

Click any image below for a larger view.

Walking around the show, it was somewhat rare to see crowds around the small 10×10 booths like ours, though the crowds in the above pics were not unusual at our booth.  We couldn’t have asked for a better response…

In other news, check out this 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup motor complete with a McLaren EFI system, looks good!  (They should’ve run MegaSquirt EFI though 😉

We’re laying plans to go back next year, we’d love for you to come down and visit!


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