Weather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector Kit
Weather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector KitWeather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector KitWeather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector Kit

Weather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector Kit

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Product Description

Use this giant 22 Position Weather Pack connector to run wires through a firewall or as a quick disconnect for your engine harness, or other components that need a lot of wires.


(1) 22 position male and female connector
(13) 20-18 gauge male and female pins
(13) 16-14 gauge male and female pins
(4) 12 gauge male and female pins,
(26) 20-18 gauge seals
(26) 16-14 seals
(8) 12 gauge seals
(8) plugs
(4) comb locks

The built in gasket ensures a tight seal. Genuine Delphi part. To get this one through the firewall, you’ll need a 2 1/16″ hole. It’s a bit of an odd size, but the same size as many aftermarket gauges.

Here are pictures of this connector being used to run a harness through the firewall on a drag car.

22 pin Weather Pack


Connectors on the firewall, without wires.

Bulkhead side of 22 pin weather pack connector


Wires clipped into place on the passenger compartment side of the connector.

Weather Pack 22 pin connectors on a harness


The completed connectors, as installed.

1 review for Weather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have installed one of these cannon plug connectors in my VW Bug (yes, you read it correctly a 1969 Bug with FI and Turbo (300 hp engine)). It makes removing the engine for maintenance and further modifications a snap. I have, also, included quick disconnects for my fuel and fuel return lines between the chasis and the engine. I have been an engine builder (Chevie SB, Ford SB, and air cooled Corvair and VW high performance engines) since 1969. I have learned that the more thought one puts into a major build project the greater dividends it pays in the end. When I bought my MS-II v. 3 kit, I thought long and hard with the installation process and what would facilitate easier maintenance – THIS PRODUCT MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE WITH USING A MS SYSTEM IN ANY VEHICLE. I recommend that you consider this whether you’re using a stock or custom wiring harness. Since I’m doing a total build to include the normal electrical system and numerous aux engine gauges, I intend to buy a second connector kit to better separate and incorporate non-ECU connections.

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Exactly how big is this connector?

  • It's 63.5 mm in diameter and 90.8 mm across the mounting ears. It extends approximately 25 mm behind the gasket and 55 mm in front of it.