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Motion Raceworks Driveshaft Speed Sensor Setup
Motion Raceworks Driveshaft Speed Sensor Setup
Motion Raceworks Driveshaft Speed Sensor Setup

Rear Wheel Speed Datalogging Traction Control Package

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Threaded Hall Effect Sensor

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The hall effect sensor and lightweight billet steel collar are TRACK PROVEN, and can provide high resolution driveshaft speed data to  virtually ANY datalogger or ECU.

The collar is available with ID for all standard pinion yokes by nearly all manufacturers.  These sizes reflect the flat surface OD on your pinion which will match the collar ID:

2.500 ***Note***

For 8.8, 12 bolt, and Dana 60 rearend customers. These rearends have a very short amount of pinion “shaft” showing past the seal. This high def driveshaft sensor requires .475 minimum of visible shaft to mount to. There are a few companies who offer yokes with a step turned down close to the ujoint mounting surface to allow for this (most are 2.500 OD).
Strange Engineering offer specialty yokes that allow use of this High Def Driveshaft Reluctor Wheel. Below are Strange part numbers for reference. These Strange yokes require the 2.500 ID Reluctor wheel.

8.8 Ford: U1596
Dana/Strange S60: U1598
GM 12 Bolt: U1601

Due to the wide variety of positions and different rearend styles, brackets are offered separately and currently only available for 9″ center sections.

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    Does Hall Effect Sensor come with resistors?
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    Q Does Hall Effect Sensor come with resistors?
    Asked by John Pilcher
    Answered by the admin

    Yes, we include a 1.0K resistor with the sensor.

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