GM 3 Bar MAP Sensor
GM 3 Bar MAP SensorGM 3 Bar MAP Sensor

MAP – GM 3 Bar MAP Sensor

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MAP - GM 3 Bar MAP Sensor 6" Pigtail

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MAP – GM 3 Bar MAP Sensor Uncrimped Connector

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Product Description

Standard GM style 3-bar MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor), compatible with the MS3-Pro and all flavors of the MegaSquirt EMS / MicroSquirt EMS.  Assembled in the USA, unlike the current Delphi production.

Calibration is linear with 1.1 kPa at 0 volts and 315.5 kPa at 5 volts.

The wiring harness connector is sold separately as we give you a choice of a ready-to-crimp connector , or a pre-crimped pigtail .  Our USA-assembled sensor uses a universal keying that is compatible with pigtails for 1, 2, and 3 bar MAP sensors. Older sensors used a specific keying.



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What is in the box?

  • (1) 3-bar MAP sensor

How much boost will it read in PSI?

  • This sensor will read up to 29 psi of boost at sea level.

What is the calibration info I'll need for this sensor?

  • Calibration is linear with 1.1 kPa at 0 volts and 315.5 kPa at 5 volts.
  • You can simply choose 'GM 3-Bar' sensor in TunerStudio to calibrate any of our ECU's to this sensor.

Where is this product manufactured?

  • This product is made in the USA.

Does this sensor come with a plug or pigtail?

  • The plug is available separately as a connector or pre-crimped pigtail.

How does this product compare to a genuine GM / Delphi MAP sensor?

  • We used to sell genuine Delphi sensors until they moved production to China and began delivering an unacceptably high initial defect rate. The last batches we sold had 1% or 2% delivered with incorrect calibration.  These USA-assembled sensors deliver excellent accuracy and reliability.

Can I use this on a naturally aspirated motor?

  • Yes, it delivers enough resolution below 1 bar to run a naturally aspirated motor with no difficulty.