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MS Piggy MegaSquirt Pigtail Harness

24″ MegaSquirt Pigtail Harness (MS1/MS2/MS3 Ready)

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MegaSquirt Wiring Harness – 24 inches long

Completely redesigned version adds more features to help make your installation as easy and reliable as possible. We’ve now brought the improvements from the long harness over to the pigtail harness. This mini-harness is useful for wiring up a DIYBOB adapter board, creating homemade adapter harnesses, or cutting off the connector on an OEM harness and splicing this in.

  • We now use a custom made twisted pair cable with a foil shield for ignition input, for maximum noise supression.
  • Thumbscrews make it easier to tighten down in spots where you can’t easily put a screwdriver.
  • The wires for pins 3 through 6 have been added, for CANBUS or extra I/O.
  • Choice of 24″ or 10′ lengths
  • The injector wires now use two smaller wires instead of combining two pins into one large wire, reducing the number of splices needed in your harness.
  • Wires are printed with both their function and their pin number.
  • Dedicated sensor ground wire.

And, of course, we’ve kept the features you’d expect from one of our wiring harnesses:

  • IAC and Ignition wire have been added for MS-I/MS-2 use or MS-3 Primary Harness Use
  • 12′ of TXL High temp automotive grade wire.
  • Color coded wiring with labeling printed on the wire every 5 inches — no paper tags here!
  • All wiring is pre-crimped (NOT solder cupped!) to the DB37
  • Heavy duty metal DB37 hood for superior RFI/EMI shielding (no cheap plastic ‘metalized’ hoods used on our harnesses)
  • Simply the best MegaSquirt harness available anywhere, at any price


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1 review for 24″ MegaSquirt Pigtail Harness (MS1/MS2/MS3 Ready)

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Questions & Answers

    Is this able to directly plug into a megasquirt 2 ecu? Thanks
  1. 0 votes
    Q Is this able to directly plug into a megasquirt 2 ecu? Thanks
    Asked by

    Yes. This has the plug for an MS2 V3.0 or V3.57 on one end, and 2' of unterminated wire on the other.

    A What is the wire gauge?

    The wires are all 20 gauge.

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