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1000 cc High Impedance 11 mm Injector

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Pigtail Connector – optional

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In stock

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These injectors are intended for Japanese cars – Miatas, Toyotas, and many others. They are based on EV14 injectors that have been modified to fit an 11 mm O-ring. Uses an EV6 connector. 1000 cc injectors, perfect for any build best described as “too much is about right”.

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How much horsepower will these injectors support?

  • We recommend this for engines making up to 150 hp per cylinder naturally aspirated or 125 hp per cylinder on forced induction. These numbers are for gasoline; the maximum horsepower will be lower on alcohol.

What is 1000 cc/min in lb/hr?

  • That works out to about 95 lb/hr.

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    Yes, these will work with ethanol.