How should I wire up my Innovate LC-1 or MTX-L?

Begin by following the ‘Quick Start Guide’ that comes with the controller.  If you lost that or need a copy of it for some reason you can download it here:  LC-1 Quick Start Guide for the LC-1, LC-1/XD-1 Standalone Gauge Kit  if you have the combo kit, or MTX-L Manual for the MTX-L.

In addition, DIYAutoTune recommends:

  • Grounding the controller and the MegaSquirt together.  This is to prevent a voltage differential and will ensure accurate readings.
  • The factory EFI system’s fuel pump relay often makes a good source for 12v switched power.  This is a required source for 12v, but often a good one…
  • For the LC-1, wire the brown (analog out 2) wire to the MegaSquirt’s O2 input wire. For the MTX-L and LC-2, the default analog outputs are reversed, so you’d wire the yellow (analog out 1) wire to the MegaSquirt’s O2 input wire.

For any LC-1 purchased after June2006, that should be all you need to be concerned with when wiring it up.


IF YOU PURCHASED YOUR LC-1 PRIOR TO JULY, 2006: Use a 470 ohm, 1/4watt resistor in between the analog output of the LC-1, and the o2 input of the MegaSquirt.  So you’ll wire the analog output from the LC-1 to one side of the resistor, and then you’ll wire the MegaSquirt 02 input to the other side of the resistor, forcing the signal to pass through it.