Professional Wire In & Plug-n-Play EFI Systems

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Pro systems

When your time is money (or you just don’t have time to spare), it’s worth paying a bit extra to make the installation go as smoothly as possible. You don’t want to go through a list of options and specify what you want on the ECU like you were ordering a pizza, and you definitely don’t want to solder one together from a kit.  You want something you can just take out of the box and have it work. This might take the form of a universal ECU that’s got all the inputs and outputs it needs to run a wide variety of applications when you wire it up, or it could be a plug and play system that plugs right in place of the existing ECU and is ready for you to start tuning.  We’ve got both sorts here.

MSPNP / MegaSquirtPNP full Plug-N-Play ECUs

The above is just a sampling, there and MANY models available, maybe we have the PNP you need?  Or maybe we’re about to release one for you!

Unplug your stock ECU, plug in the MSPNP, run a vacuum line to it, and fire your engine up on the first turn of the key if it’s at all similar to stock.  If you’re running bigger injectors there’s one setting to change and then you’re ready to fire your engine as well.  It really is that easy.  The MSPNP is a true plug and play ECU that we offer for an ever-increasing line of factory fuel injected cars.  It includes every feature  you need to have full control over your fuel and ignition, plus features like electronic boost control, launch control, table switching, adjustable rev limiters,  and other things normally not found in a stock ECU or even a hacked/retuned OEM ECU.  Pricing for our latest Gen 2 ranges from $799 to $839 depending on model, and the models available are growing rapidly.

Visit for a complete list of available models and features, as well as full documentation and tuning software downloads.


The MS3-Pro is our top of the line standalone engine management system.  This ECU has 12 channels of sequential fuel output, for either running a V12 sequentially or staged injection on a V8!  There are eight spark outputs for sequential coil on plug ignition, and it can run wasted spark or a distributor as well.  Additional outputs handle boost control, launch control, multiple stages of nitrous control, and more.  The MS3-Pro is able to handle a wide variety of OEM crank and cam sensors.  A complete MS3-Pro package with tuning cables retails for $1199. Click here for more information about the MS3-Pro.


This is one of the smallest standalone engine management systems out there, and at $339 with a wiring harness, one of the cheapest as well.  This ECU was designed for powersports applications – watercraft, motorcycles, etc.  But its small size and rugged construction also makes it popular with people who want an ECU that’s easy to put in an inconspicuous location, like street rodders, or racers who want an ECU that will stand up to harsh use, such as road racing or dune buggies.  This unit has two fuel outputs and two spark outputs, a PWM output for idle or boost control, and two on/off outputs.  It’s possible to reconfigure it to use the extra on/off outputs as spark outputs as well.  Although most users will have somewhere from one to four cylinders, it can be, and has been, used on V8 applications.

There is more information on all of these products and more available in our online catalog.