Quick Tech Tip: MS3Pro, MSPNP, MegaSquirt and Windows XP

Products this applies to:

MS3Pro, MSPNP, MicroSquirt, MegaSquirt 1/2/3 with TunerStudio on a Windows XP PC



If you’re trying to connect to any of our MegaSquirt based products with Windows XP and you’re having trouble — here’s the skinny:

The serial library was updated to support Mac OS M1 and ARM64 on Linux.. Unfortunately, it seems they have stopped supporting the 21 year old Windows XP which has impacted TunerStudio on Windows XP…..

Short Term Solution:

You will need to let it overwrite the file that is there.

Thanks to Phil Tobin @ EFI Analytics for this!

Long Term Solution:

  • This is resolved in the latest TunerStudio beta version and beyond. The resolution is that on start up, if TunerStudio detects that it is running on Windows XP and using the 2.9.4 JSSC library, TS will replace the library with the 2.8 version that it used to use.