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Race Technology Dash2Pro Advanced Options





Using the data processing power of the DASH2 PRO, this option allows for more advanced features to be configured:

Car computer functions

Alarms based on time for power on, time for engine on, time over a certain RPM

Low fuel warning based on number of laps, distance, or time remaining.

Advanced alarms

Configure alarms based on up to three conditions

Multiple options for clearing alarms

Trigger low side driver outputs based on alarms

Multiple display options when alarms triggered

Advanced shiftlights

Use shiftlights to display any variable

Enable different shiftlights in each gear

Change colour options for shiftlights

Advanced RPM scale

Use a different variable to drive the bargraph

Configure a different RPM scale at low temperature

Advanced unit control inputs

Use an analogue input to switch between screens at different voltages

Use analogue inputs as extra buttons to give up to 16 extra buttons

Advanced screen display functions

Apply custom update rates and filtering to each displayed value

Hide variables on the screen unless certain conditions are met

Apply custom formula to each displayed value

Advanced lap timing display

Display additional lap timing information across the bottom of the screen

Display maximum cornering force, minimum cornering speed or maximum speed for each sector

Display detailed and summary lap timing statistics at the end of each session

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