MegaSquirt Flyback Board Assembly Notes

MegaSquirt Flyback Board –  UnAssembled Kit Part # MSFlyback-K     

The Flyback Board installs in the up half of the MegaSquirt case. It slides into the lowest slot, and is attached to a substantial heat sink (that you will fabricate yourself from aluminum angle) OR as I recommend, it uses the top half of the MegaSquirt case as the heatsink. Six 20 to 22 gauge wires (two injector banks, two CPU [X0, X1], +12 volts, and ground) connect the Flyback Board to MegaSquirt.  Many are running with this configuration with no negative results reported.

Here is a picture of the final product installed in the case.

Install the transistors as seen above and wait to drill the holes until last, install the board as seen above and mark where the holes should be, drill them, screw them in, and move on!  (Still use the Mica Insulators where directed)