MegaSquirt and EMS Related Technical Articles

Note– these are here to help guide you and provide information.  As with anything involving electronics, computers, and cars bad things can happen without proper research and planning.  Do your homework.  We cannot be responsible for any of your actions or their results whether based on this information or not.  Be smart, and be safe… and for goodness sake, don’t blow your car up!

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MegaSquirt Installation Writeups

From DIY Plug-n-Play setups to starting from scratch to build your own harness, and from factory EFI conversions to MegaSquirt to carb-to-EFI conversions.  These are a combination of in-house written articles covering the nuts and bolts of installing a MegaSquirt on a specific vehicle, as well as other user articles we’ve gathered from around the web to give examples of how people are implementing the MegaSquirt ECU on various vehicles.  Some contain very detailed technical information and wiring diagrams, some are more general in nature.  If you know of an article that should be featured here, email a link at [email protected].

MegaSquirt and related Technical Videos / How-To’s

Videos that show you the How-To’s and dig into the Why’s of EFI

Will the MegaSquirt work with my stock ignition system???  

How to use’s crank trigger wheels

Using Bosch BIP373 coil drivers with MegaSquirt

Measuring and Calibrating your Coolant (CLT) and Intake Air Temp (IAT) sensors

Common MegaSquirt Modifications

Road / Track Tuning your MegaSquirt Engine Management System

Taking your MegaSquirt to the Dyno

Troubleshooting MegaSquirt Communications Issues