DIYPNP Bosch 55 Pin Adapter Board Ignition Drivers

The V1.5 Bosch 55 Pin Adapter Board has space for two extra coil drivers for those who want to drive six coils. You’ll need a BIP373 and heat sink as in our DIYPNP BIP373 mod kit. You’ll install the BIP373s in the Q1A and Q2A slots, and 100 ohm resistors in R1A and R2A. Then wire the In connections to the signals from the DIYPNP main board (IG2 for Spark B, WLD for Spark C) to the In terminals, and the Out terminals to the negative terminals on the coils.

Note that these coil drivers are not part of a standard build. They are optional circuits you can add if you wish to use BMW (or Ford) coils in a coil on plug configuration.