Assembly Instructions for the IAC Pigtail ‘Piggy’

Part# IACPiggy available here

DIYAutotune packages the wires and the connector dissembled because there are at least two configurations for the inline idle air control valve.

Here is what comes with the kit.  The connector itself along with two blue wires and two green wires, with pins attached.  Basically you’re going to first decide which way you want to color coordinate your wiring (depending on how you’re going to wire your IAC) and then you’ll simply push the pins into the back side of the connector.

IAC Valve Pigtail (6″)
IAC Valve Connector pigtail for wiring up a 4 wire idle valve.

After pushing the pin in the yellow seal might need some coaxing.  By pushing in and rotating at the same time it will go in.
Keep wiggling and bushing after you get past the first ring and it’ll go in smoothly.