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Innovate Motorsports HBX-1 Heat Sink Bung Extender – 3729

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Innovate Motorsports HBX-1 Heatsink Bung Extender – #3729

The Bosch wide-band O2 sensors included with Innovate wideband packages is rated to operate at an exhaust gas temperature of < 1300 degrees (F), and a sensor housing temperature of < 900 degrees (measured at the bung) for maximum accuracy and control. When either of these operating temperature ranges is exceeded, the sensor can no longer be accurately controlled. Further, operating at or over these temperatures for any length of time can significantly reduce the lifetime of the sensor. The LM-1 is designed to display an error message under these conditions (currently 08- Sensor Timing Error) rather than provide inaccurate readings. For some turbo vehicles, rotary engines, and other setups, this error message can be encountered with annoying frequency. The HBX-1 Heat Sink Bung Extender will direct some of the heat away from the sensor drastically reducing the likelihood of this type of problem.

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What O2 sensors does this work with?

  • It has an M18 x 1.5 thread that is an industry standard.  It is compatible with all Innovate Motorsports wideband sensors and bungs.  It will accept Bosch LSU 4.2 and 4.9 widebands, NTK widebands, and most narrow band sensors as well.  There are a few narrowband o2 sensors and bungs out there that use a smaller thread, but those are somewhat rare.

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    Overall extension is 29.7 mm (1.17 inches) from the original flange to the new one, including the thickness of the copper washer.