DIYAutoTune Eagle Made in the USA

Made in USA

Fact #1 We manufacture most of the products we sell.

Fact #2  100% of the ECUs we manufacture are built right here – Made in the USA.  That’s right. And that has always been the case.

Fact #3 Did you know the AMP in AMPEFI stands for American Made Performance?  Yeah baby.  Yeah.

This includes all MS3Pro, MegaSquirt EFI and MSPNP products, harnesses, stimulators, relay boards, and pretty much everything else we manufacture.

There are many products we purchase and resell that are also American Made.  There are others, such as the Innovate line of wideband systems and gauges, that are no longer made in the USA sadly.  Ignition coils are another item… you just can’t get em made here it seems, the parent companies may be here, but the manufacturing is not.  We do what we’re forced to do there.

For the products we manufacture, we make the cases here, the harnesses here, the PCBs here, and all final assembly happens here.  We have contract manufacturers in Pennsylvania and in Suwanee, GA just down the street from our home base where SMD circuitboards are populated before coming to our shop in Gainesville, GA for final assembly.

We do use electronic components and connectors from all over the world in our assemblies, as let’s face it, pretty much nobody makes these components in the US any more.  Sad but true.  Things like ignition coils also tend to be made overseas without an available USA made option.  But everywhere we can, we keep it right here.  And we thank you for supporting American Made Product!!!!