Go Pro If you haven’t seen these cameras you gotta check em out. We’ll be using them in upcoming in-car video and tutorial videos. They pretty much rock.  GoPro Motorsports HERO Wide Camera


tu-logo Get out on the track!

TracksUnlimited.net organizes track days at major road courses, and very affordably.  Get your track day on!



extrudabodyExtrudabody offers very affordable ITB (Individual Throttle Body) solutions for many vehicles, they also have a pretty cool tech page with some DIY project info many of you will find interesting…


Fuel Injector Cleaning @ WitchHunter Performance:


WitchHunter Performance offers Fuel Injector cleaning services — Gordon does an excellent job, provide quick turnaround and have very reasonable prices.  This is where we usually send our injectors to have them cleaned/reconditioned.



1320Video.com — Crazy Street Racing videos and you never know what else…  Check it out!



Autonerdz.com – Automotive lab scope diagnostic training and equipment for the drivability proWe bought a PicoScope Master Kit II from Tom love it– he’s also been super helpful in our getting some use out of it so we highly recommend his site if you’re looking for an automotive scope…


www.EngineSwapTech.com  — A forum for anyone interested in swapping motors from one vehicle to another. Discuss fabrication, wiring, electronics, tuning – anything related to custom automotive engine conversions!  Free online photo hosting for your motor swap project!


The ARSCCA gave us a little love and tossed a pic of us on course in their banner, so we’re giving it back– if you’re in the Atlanta area you’ve gotta check out SoloAtlanta.com and come out to an event!  We’re out at most of the points events


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Various Automotive Converters

Resistor Color Code Table And Calculator